Thursday, September 21, 2006

Monday, September 18, 2006

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

toddler boot camp ... or baby grows up

Well .. Lucy and I have decided to switch her from the loving, nurturing, protective arms of her aunt Barb to a real toddler room at a YWCA daycare ...  I am excited and nervous.  I think Lucy will thrive being around other kids her age all day ... and I think she'll be happy ... but still I worry...  What if the teacher isn't nurturing like Barb is ... what if Lucy doesn't eat or sleep well??? What if she needs a hug?  What if she grow up too fast????   The positives about the switch: 1.  the daycare is right on my way to work, cutting my day down by almost an hour.  2. lucy will be around other kids (she loves other kids) 3. the teacher speaks in spanish! 4. they provide lunch and diapers and 5. with the scholarship, it's actually cheaper.  the worrisome factors: 1. she loves Barb and will miss her 2. will she be super sick all the time now? 3. she'll have cuteness competition  4. it's group care

So I've decided that I need to use these couple weeks to get her primed as a toddler ... trying to use the kindness and gentleness of her auntie to get her to lay down and fall asleep more on her own over nap ... I will implement the use of utensils during our meals together ... I will start usign a non-sippy cup with her practicing and will have to start teaching her some more self-care ... It's toddler boot camp ... we've got some practicing to do!!!!!  My baby's off to school. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


1. Lucy in the weeds

2. meat eater

3. she's down!

4. let me out

Sunday, September 3, 2006

noodles and mark it with a B

Two big milestones were passed this holiday weekend.  1. She ate like 5 noodles ... until this weekend I was convinced a noodle would never make it past her lips (unless it was smashed beyond recognition and covered with tomato sauce).  2. she can now successfully do all of the hand movements to pat-a-cake ... this weekend she passed the final frontier "mark it with a B" ... so so cute.  She's too cute.  Have I ever described how cute she is????