Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Already embarrassing my daugher

Well, it's happening already ... I haven't even met Lucy yet and already I am in the process of creating a "bad name" for us.  I tried so hard, honestly ... to be professional and cool ...  I had an appointment this morning to interview a possible daycare center who may have an opening in Feb or March for Lucy.  I purposefully dressed up for the occasion, trying to look professional.  I left early, stopped in my coffee shop, sat down to drink my coffee and read the paper ... all was good.  I went to the daycare and really bonded with the director who is an adoptive mother herself.  I toured the daycare, meeting and talking to the teachers in the infant and the toddler room.  I stayed after the tour to chat some more with the director about her adopted daughter.  I went to work.  I was at work for about an hour when one of my coworkers walked up to me and said .... "Stacy, why is your shirt inside out?"  ... so Lucy won't be going to that daycare ...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Ethiopian Kids

Yesterday I went to a Children's Home Society picnic for families in the Ethiopian adoption program.  I finally saw (in person) all of the adorable kids I have been ooohhing and aaahing over during the past several months (their photos are on the Children's Home website). I also was able to meet and greet their parents and several Ethiopian government officials who have been touring Children's Home Society since the courts in Ethiopia have been closed.  It was very exciting to see and connect with all of these people.  I also connected with three families who are (like me) waiting for their children.  One couple has received their referral for a baby boy just a couple weeks younger than Lucy ... we think that they are roommates/friends over in Ethiopia.  Another couple has a referral for a 2 yr old girl, very nice people!   Always good to be in a group of people who totally KNOW what I am feeling and going through at this moment.  It makes me feel so much less obsessive!   I hope I will be traveling at the same time as some of these families. 

Thursday, August 18, 2005

No news is just no news

This is not the most exciting time of the adoption process ...  It's making me quite mental I must say.  The next thing I am waiting for is the letter from US-CIS saying that I can take a baby home ... I expect that in the next couple of weeks.  So, basically I am just waiting and doing little projects in preparation.  I hung up a couple more things including a lion rug that my aunt gave me, she got it in Ethiopia a long time ago and it looks great hanging in my room. People are also starting to arrange baby showers.  This at least gives me a focus.  I just want to go and get her!  Hopefully very soon I will be able to write some real news here.  Stacy

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

just blathering

Hi everyone,

I don't have much to say because I am still WAITING.  I did get a new photo of Lucy, she's totally wrapped up in a blanket or towel .. but of course you can see that she's the cutest baby in the world.  Last night I went to a waiting families support group at Children's Home ... it was cool (that's coming from a person who hates groups).  I was in a group of about 7 women who are adopting as single moms.  A lot of them went through the China program. One woman brought home her 2yr old daughter from China last month, she brought her along and told us how the pick up went (not well).   I spent about an hour after group talking to two women who are well into the process (currently both are watiing for a referral), they'll probably travel early next year.  They are both going requesting daughters.  It was so interesting hearing how the process goes with other countries ... I can see how this process could be addictive (they warned us at the beginning).  My social worker was the leader of this group.  I plan on going next month.  Stacy

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Taking anything I can get

Soon, soon, soon, I shall have a new photo of Lucy Eskedar ... I guess a social worker from another agency escorted two children home from Ethiopia and she got a photo of Lucy while she was there.  Alexa from Children's Home told me that she sent a copy in the mail today ... funny how the little things can get me excited! 

Monday, August 1, 2005

August - Still Waiting

Hi Everyone ... Well, the news is as expected ... nothing.  Now is the hard part of the process ... waiting.  I really have no paperwork or nothing left to do.  I haven't received any updates on Lucy Eskedar, but will e-mail the Ethiopia team soon just to remind them that I am here and that info on Lucy would be so appreciated.  In the meantime my dad and mom have been really helpful working around the house making preparations.  My dad patiently rehung the prints on Lucy's wall so they could be just right.  He also put in a new ceiling fan in the room that will be mine.  Auntie Deb and Jen have been shopping and buying lots of cute clothes for Lucy ... she'll be a fashion queen. 

love Stacy