Sunday, December 31, 2006

Some new (and old) photos.  Monkey, Lioness and princess.

Poop and Pee --- tee hee hee

Well .. I feel a little odd blogging about poop and pee ... but I must tell the world... Lucy did it!  She pooped and peed in her potty chair.  I really have no investment in her potty training so early (which is why she was probably more then willing to give it a go), but today I asked her if she wanted to sit on her potty and she nodded yes ... she sat for awhile and I asked if she wanted to get up, she shook her head no,  then she did it, she pee'd, and then a minute later she pooped and then she was done!  Not even 20 months old, what a superstar.  Now if I could just get her to hold my hand while walking outside or in the mall ... 

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Santa the final chapter, and finalization

So... I made the mistake of signing up Lucy and myself as Santa's helpers at the Christmas party my agency puts on for our clients.  Lucy is terrified of Santa.  Santa needed helpers, the other staff had roles and responsibilities.  We had to bring gifts to children sitting on Santa's lap.  We had almost 4 hours this ... the whole time I was unable to put Lucy down because she was scared.  Each time we approached Santa to give a gift, she clung tighter.  It was the  most I have held her since she discovered crawling and movement.  This is not a good study for immersion therapy ... doesn't work.  

We finally finalized the adoption this Friday!!!!!!!!!!  She's officially mine now and forever.  What a wonderful day. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Santa part 4 .... stop the insanity

Ok ... This is getting super silly.  I tried implementing Santa plan of action number 4.  All was going according to plan ... Lucy fell asleep in the car on the way to Ridgedale Mall.  She slept through getting out of her carseat and into my arms.  She slept through walking through the mall to "Santa's Cabin".  The line looked short and my hopes were up.  We walked up the "no pager" line.  The old elves at the register looked at us and asked if our pager had buzzed... I said, no, we don't have a pager, do we need one???  They said, they are only able to help people who had already received pagers as Santa leaves at 9pm and it's already 8:30 pm ... and since it's just one small child, the morning would be a better time.  I said, "I work all day" ... she just shrugged.  I was really upset, like almost in tears upset.  I walked away a bit, and then returned to ask if we could make an appointment for the next day ... she said you have to be there in person to get a pager ... I asked "So about what time did the people who just got "buzzed" arrive to get their pagers?"  She said "about 3pm"  (remember, it was 8:30 pm at this point).   So basically, if I quit my job, or take a vacation day, and wait 5 hours maybe Lucy can see Santa this year.  Arrrrgggghhh it is so unfair. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

some photos

Trying to get the perfect Christmas dress photo has proven to be challenging this year ... 

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Santa part 3 and a plan of action

My blog earlier today inspired me to try try try again.  After Lucy's nap I said to my cousin,  "let's go to the mall and see Santa",  she said something about being crazy, but she came along.  I got Lucy all dressed up in her Santa viewing outfit and off we went.  The mall parking lot was a real mess but we found a spot and headed in ...  Straight to Santa's line.  It was a medium-long line but we were determined.  We waited for lots of minutes, wondering why they were taking so so so long with this one family.  First I thought, "how nice, to work with kids so that they are comfy with Santa before snapping the photo"  then I started thinking "holy cow, if they take that long with each family, we'll miss Christmas all together".  THEN I realized that there were mechanical problems with the photographers lights, and that they weren't going to be fixed any time soon.  We decided to go for an early dinner then back to Santa.  We ate dinner, Lucy had about 55 meltdowns on the walk from dinner back to Santa.  Real live on the floor tantrums.   We spotted Santa, and a very short line.  My hopes were lifted.  We went to the line entrance, where the stupid Elf was placing a sign saying Santa was going on break and would be back in an hour.  AN HOUR.  Well darn.  We left.  I was feeling very down about the Santa thing ... then I had an idea.  Hope is restored.  This coming week,  I am going to get Lucy in her cute fluffy, warm Jammies ... head over to the mall where Santa works late and hope that Lucy falls hard asleep.  We will then have a peaceful wait in line, and I will take advantage of her ability to sleep anywhere and transfer numerous times without waking ... in my head I see a cute photo of Lucy sleeping in Santa's arms.... I also see Lucy freaking out if she wakes up ... Here's to hoping we have peaceful slumbers.   I'll let you know. 


Sorry it's been so long since I've offered written word on this here blog ... we have been so very busy.  First we had a traumatizing experience with Santa Claus.  The whole thing started off as a little annoying because the "Elves" were really obnoxious, and obviously were not in the Christmas spirt.  They rushed everyone, were chomping on gum, and very unprofessional.  I was trying not to get all grumpy and scrooge like because of the evil elves ...  We approached Santa to talk to him and high 5 him while the family ahead of us were being rushed through choosing their photo and their package (which by the way, some random elf already attacked everyone in line asking what package they wanted).  Lucy was fine giving santa 5 and he seemed ok, although I could have sworn while we were standing there I heard Santa refer to me as grandma ... I blew that off as something I heard wrong.  When the lead elf told us it was our turn I put Lucy on Santa's lap and she immediately started crying.  This surprised me as she's been the brave one about every other new adventure in her life up until now ... so I was comforting her and santa says "grandma, you can get in the picture with her if it will help" ... In complete shock I sat by santa, had the photo taken and somehow came up with the complete WRONG photo package, despite the fact that the crazy random elf had written it down on our magic envelope before the trauma happened.  GRANDMA?????  Really, I could have kicked Santa, but again I was in a lot of shock and Lucy was still a little upset.    Last night I got the nerve up to return to a different Santa to try for the good photo ... it was at the Mall of America.  We arrived before 4pm on a work day, and to my dismay, the nice elf said "two hour wait" ... Ahhh, I looked at my darling daughter and said "bye bye Christmas".  We went shopping.

Lucy is great.  She is talking up a storm, and just a riot of energy and humor.  She's still 100% adorable.  She has her naughty streaks as well, but she sort of announces that this side of her is about to show ...  She is growing and growing.   She knows that she is adored byt the world. 

Thursday, December 7, 2006

no time to write

Here are some pictures, I have stuff to say but no time to write ...

Monday, November 20, 2006

Photo time

1. looking at photos on her little table

2. reading a book

3. still loves the bath

4. cat not thrilled with new friend

5. ahhhhh

6. she's reading Nora Roberts ...

7. appears to be sending a text message

8. diaper rash bath

9. mommy hug

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The Che shirt works - Sort of

Lucy's voting day outfit (che shirt, plaid pants) has had mixed results.  We got the HOUSE!!!  The senate is still in debate... but what the heck happened with our governor??? 

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

she's a democrat

I swear this morning she scowled at each person who looked like they might be voting off the republican ticker.  I couldn't help but encourage this...  I brought her along to vote because I wanted her to feel important if we win ... I can tell her about how she scared off all the right wing voters with her stink eye.   If we loose ...  too sad to think about.

Monday, November 6, 2006

Baby bully - or it's not the biting as much as it is the growling

Not to be negative about the beautiful, wonderful Lucy but I need to present a different side of her occasionally (in case you all wonder if I am actually parenting a real child!).  I believe my kid might be turning into the class bully.  Don't get me wrong,  I was secretly pleased when I saw her give a little to the young girl "A" who pushed her off the loft in her first minutes of daycare BUT ... Lucy has taken revenge to a new level by taking it out on any child who wanders into her path.  She's pushing the boys around, the 4 and 2yr olds that we babysit ...  This morning she shoved the sweet "W" out of her way at the sensory table.  Lucy shows no regret.  The biting???  Thankfully she hasn't figured out how to chomp hard yet ... but her fake bites are accompanied by a rather realistic and scary growl... this concerns me!  

Monday, October 30, 2006


1. Basket stander

2. Basket bouncer

3. Why do I bother buying toys?

4. Reading the International Journal of Play Therapy ...  hmmmm

5. Back to the basket

6. Peek a boo

7. goat milk rejection

8. admiring herself at the shoe store

9. these boots were made for walking

Sunday, October 29, 2006

meeting people

In the past couple weeks Lucy and I have met several families in person who we previously only "knew" through the CHSFS adoption forum.  What fun!!!  We met one family who are in the midst of their home study (hope the wait goes fast).  We met two families from the forum.  We caught up with a couple families we have previously met.  What socialites we are!  Saturday night was so much fun, surrounded by beautiful Ethiopian babies and toddlers, plus a couple beautiful bio-preschoolers (funny calling them bio-preschoolers). Lucy continues to be overnumbered by little boys in her life, so we were beyond excited to hear that our good friends S, R, H & M are officially starting the process on the adoption of another Ethiopian girl H!   I was also able to talk to my friend N who lives out of state,  I was so wishing that she was just going to show up at the gathering Saturday night.  When she wasn't there I was disappointed!   Lucy is still having some symptoms of her cold that never ends.  We (Lucy and I, and our clothes) are really really tired of snot.  

Monday, October 23, 2006

the time goes on ...

October 24th …  One year.  I feel like I can send/post this now because it’s officially tomorrow in Ethiopia.  My mind has been on so many things … mostly remembering this time last year.  I met Lucy!!!  I got on an airplane on the 22nd, arrived in Ethiopia late in the evening on the 23rd and the morning of the 24th I took Lucy into my arms and it was real!   I know I became a mother during those months of waiting to travel.  I got a scary medical update and could not be soothed. I was desperate to get to her into my arms and hear her breathing.  I stared and stared at each of the four photos I received while I was waiting for her.  I looked at her eyes, ears, hands, feet, lips … I examined the spit up on her jacket.  I was in a word: obsessed.  I still am!   The morning I met her I was so in another world, I felt a little detached from my emotions.  It’s almost like the emotions were so strong that I had to leave them or I wouldn’t have been able to hold her.  She was sleeping when I picked her up … minutes later she opened her eyes and her gaze met mine briefly before she fell back to sleep.   I stayed there with her in that crowded room, eight babies, a couple nannies, a nurse, Mel and Sara for some time getting trained in on Lucy care before being released to take her upstairs to the guest rooms.   From the moment we went upstairs, she was in my care.  A year later, she sleeps in her room … soundly (most nights).  She’s the same … observant, silly, smart, loving, trusting, wonderful child she was then.   She loves home.  I love that about her.  When she comes in the door to her home she laughs and twirls around and around.  She feels safe here.   I can’t believe a year has passed, some days it feels like it’s only been moments, and other days it feels like it’s  been forever.   I look into her eyes at night when she’s falling asleep and I marvel at all she knows, and all the memories she has that I will never know.   It’s overwhelming at times, the responsibility I feel for her as her mother, but also as the keeper of her story and the means for her to learn more and know more.  I feel compelled to seek for her, I feel like it’s an urgent job …  I know I am not alone in this. I feel connected with all the mothers, but especially the momma’s of children adopted from Ethiopia. We know too much about the situations that brought our children to us, we have responsibilities now that no amount of imagination could have prepared us for, we have a weight on our loving, tired shoulders. Lucy is a beautiful child, something about her touches the spirit of people who know her, she connects.   She brings joy and peace.   Thank you to everyone who has been a part of her story over this past year.  Love Stacy and Lucy Eskedar.

Monday, October 16, 2006

a year ago

One year ago, I was busy planning and packing.  I had my tickets, I knew when I was going to hold Lucy and I was jumping with excitement.  Saturday we had a gotcha celebration at a park.  It was a little early but we will be out of town next week, and I wanted to do it before it got too cold.  What fun we had celebrating Lucy.  I can't believe it's been almost a year since we became a family. I still faithfully read the children's home forum, and certain blogs.  It's fun to be connected with the adoption community.   Lucy is a riot as a toddler.  She LOVES being the center of everyone's attention.  She will run back and forth the length of our house, laughing, twirling, blowing kisses, rolling her eyes ... she is saying more and more words and is able to request three songs (twinkle twinkle, itsy bitsy spider and patacake).  She is great fun. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Camping part 2

It was a cold and a rainy weekend.  Despite accurate weather forecasting we decided to forge ahead with our up north camping plans.  Our car was PACKED FULL.  We headed out. The rain continued.  We arrived at an almost empty state park.  It was wet wet wet.  Lucy and I walked around while Sara set up the tent and William napped in the car.  After about 10 minutes I realized that 10 outfits were not going to be enough for my mud loving daughter. We decided to stay until bedtime and pack it back up, avoiding getting everything in the car soaked.  We packed an entire camping trip worth of events in a few hours: hiking, outdoor cooking, tenting, campfire and marshmellow roasting ... all of which took place in the pouring rain.  Fun times. Fun times.  Here is the documentation.

Monday, October 2, 2006

first day tragedy

So ... I drop Lucy off at daycare at 8am.  I stick around for awhile, expressing my anxiety about this loft play area they have.  I said, she'll go up these steps all day but she doesn't know how to go down.  I said, I have been worried about these steps since last week.  I said, she will need to learn ...   I left her at daycare at 8:15, at 8:45 they called, "Lucy was 'pushed' off the loft and hit her head on the floor, she has a big gooseegg, a swollen lip and she is acting sleepy, you should come get her" ...  It took me 20 minutes to get there, it felt like 3 hours.  I was so sad the whole time, Lucy was hurt and she didn't know the people who were there to comfort her.  I was a mess. I yelled at every red light, "you stupid light, the cosmos is keeping me from my child" ... I was a bit dramatic.  When I arrived she was snuggled up with the teacher eating an apple.   Her head/face looked better then I expected.  By the time we got home she showed no signs of being tired or anything.  On the doctors advice I just kept an eye on her and she seemed fine.  We'll try again tomorrow, but I am definately not feeling any more confident. 

Sunday, October 1, 2006


Well, tomorrow Lucy starts "school".  OH arrrggghhhh,  I am so nervous and anxious.  I just feel like they don't know her, she doesn't know them and how are her need going to be met?  I just hope and pray this is a good move for her.  I have her little bag all packed with diaper wipes and extra clothes.  Her first day outfit is on her changing table and she went to bed a little early so she's better rested.   I have a back up social worker who as agreed to do my intake if Lucy needs momma (or if momma needs Lucy).   Like always, she'll probably do better with this transition then I will (for example I still haven't gotten over going back to work and it's been like 8 months now).  OK, I'll let you know how it went when it's over. 

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Monday, September 18, 2006

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

toddler boot camp ... or baby grows up

Well .. Lucy and I have decided to switch her from the loving, nurturing, protective arms of her aunt Barb to a real toddler room at a YWCA daycare ...  I am excited and nervous.  I think Lucy will thrive being around other kids her age all day ... and I think she'll be happy ... but still I worry...  What if the teacher isn't nurturing like Barb is ... what if Lucy doesn't eat or sleep well??? What if she needs a hug?  What if she grow up too fast????   The positives about the switch: 1.  the daycare is right on my way to work, cutting my day down by almost an hour.  2. lucy will be around other kids (she loves other kids) 3. the teacher speaks in spanish! 4. they provide lunch and diapers and 5. with the scholarship, it's actually cheaper.  the worrisome factors: 1. she loves Barb and will miss her 2. will she be super sick all the time now? 3. she'll have cuteness competition  4. it's group care

So I've decided that I need to use these couple weeks to get her primed as a toddler ... trying to use the kindness and gentleness of her auntie to get her to lay down and fall asleep more on her own over nap ... I will implement the use of utensils during our meals together ... I will start usign a non-sippy cup with her practicing and will have to start teaching her some more self-care ... It's toddler boot camp ... we've got some practicing to do!!!!!  My baby's off to school. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


1. Lucy in the weeds

2. meat eater

3. she's down!

4. let me out

Sunday, September 3, 2006

noodles and mark it with a B

Two big milestones were passed this holiday weekend.  1. She ate like 5 noodles ... until this weekend I was convinced a noodle would never make it past her lips (unless it was smashed beyond recognition and covered with tomato sauce).  2. she can now successfully do all of the hand movements to pat-a-cake ... this weekend she passed the final frontier "mark it with a B" ... so so cute.  She's too cute.  Have I ever described how cute she is????

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


OK ... I know that at each stage of my time with Lucy, I have ADORED that particular age ... but I am here to say that 15 months, by far my favorite!   She's just prelingual, you know that age, where she knows some words and knows that language exists, she wants desperately to communicate ... she just needs to do so creatively.  During those moments when I am 'present focused'  I can totally figure out what's going on.  Tonight we experienced a little game of charades.  First, what does it mean when a baby walks from one end of the room to another, systematically going from one "no" to another?  Sounds like "uper moored" ... that's right "super bored" ... she was bored and needed to be engaged in more appropriate activities.  How about this ... she's whining, she's falling apart, shes standing at the kitchen gate and shaking it ... looking at my and screaming???  Sounds like "whack" ...  YUP, SNACK!   Ahhhh usually I head these things off before they happen, tonight, I was tired.  I wanted to zone out and my darling daughter was having none of that!   She does have another real word "banana" ... clear as a bell, we were at Whole Foods and she says baaaaaaanaaana ... and grunts, and sure enough sitting beside us, a whole lovely table full of bananas, needless to say, the girl got a bunch of bananas!   OHHHH and another success,  today's lunch and dinner were successfully ate WITHOUT INJERA!!!  I didn't tell you that we had a little addiction to injera and pancakes at our house ... all food had to be on injera or be a pancake or it was wholeheartedly refused! 


Thursday, August 24, 2006

camping photos

1. Isaac on a hike

2. Lucy in the swimming hole

3. the three friends

4. camping at dusk

5. we made it through the night!

6. playing trains in the tent

7. pancakes for breakfast

8. Nathan happy

9. Isaac loosing patience with train trak stealer Lucy

10. Nathan swinging

11. Sitting in an Eagles Nest

12. the little Eagle

13. taking a little nap in the nest

14. very mellow

15. Nathan sleephikes


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

camping - another first!

I took a couple days off of work and took Lucy camping!   I arranged a short trip to a state park and invited a friend and her two children (ages 3 and 2).  It was the first tent camping experience for all of the kids.  Deb and I were nervous and had fairly low expectations (especially for the sleeping portion).   Everything turned out great!  Shortly before we got to the state park we stopped for lunch at a restaurant called "Happy's" ... well it lived up to it's name!  This place was just this little hole-in-the-wall semi-fast food restaurant but it had an outdoor and indoor play area ... big sand box, swing set, kids picnic table, basketball court WOW!  The kids had tons of fun playing and stretching and they even ate a little.  We (Deb and I) got our energy mustered for the next step....  thankfully when we arrived at the campground one kid was sleeping (Nathan 2yr), so we were able to get the tent up with only two mobile children to track.  Once everyone was awake and alert we went on a short hike. Lucy fell asleep once she was in the carrier.  The two boys did well on the hike (aside from one minor melt-down).  We then went swimming and back to the campsite.  Lucy was in heaven ... she never had to go "inside" she had two other kids to follow around and her mom never left her sight.  At bed time, Nathan was practically begging to go down ... and he and Lucy fell quickly to sleep.  Isaac stayed up for a smore, and then a fire stick show (put on by me ... the fire bug).  He also fell asleep quickly which left Deb and I a few minutes to chat by the fire before we too needed sleep.  The night was CHILLY!  No bugs ... The kids all slept through the night ... Lucy kept moving her hands so they were on my arms or face.   The morning came quickly and we were up again.  We had pancakes, hot chocolate, coffee ... we played at the campsite, went to a talk on "predators" and went on another hike ... we then cheated on lunch by going to McDonalds ...  after playing at the campsite for a bit longer we packed up and headed home.   The experience was positive and I felt like I could really handle the camping with kids thing!    Can't wait until the next trip in September.   Photos will follow when I get to a faster computer. 

Thursday, August 17, 2006

photo update

1. beautiful smile

2. love the scarf

3. exploring the playground

4. Walking in water!

5. loves the water

6. eating fish

7. falling asleep during lunch

8. modified peek-a-boo

9. "so soft"

Maybe she's really 2?

Yes everyone ... I know I have always wanted my daughter to have some spunk but when her "spunk" ends up exhausting both of us then it's time for some good old fashioned meekness.  OH boy did we have a fight yesterday ... it started over Swedish meatballs (a "no go"), it continued over instant oatmeal (a real tear jerker) and then almost lasted through fried rice (later that evening), when finally through the miracle of chopsticks Lucy realized I wasn't trying to poison her, only feed her and she ate like a rock star.  I mean golly gee willakers, what happens sometimes?  I won't even begin to go into the diaper changing fiascos that have been occurring for the past two days.    OH this new grown up attitude might go along with her gains in walking skills, yesterday she walked, frankenstein like, from the living room into the dining room before coming crashing down, she did this at least twice.  AND she can climb up on her toddler bed, and even more importantly can turn around and get off the bed (as opposed to hurling her self onto the floor).     

Thursday, August 10, 2006

dr appt. and photos

Lucy had her 15 month well child check yesterday.  She's perfect of course!  She finally passed the 20# mark (20# 4 oz), which means we are safe to be facing forward.  She totally flirted with the doctor, showing off her well-honed social skills.  We're all good.  Here are some new photos from Tuesday. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

baby steps

Well, for a few days now Lucy has been taking up to 3-4 steps!  For those of you who are new to the blog or who haven't "caught on", Lucy has a foot deformity (one foot is teeny tiny, not completely formed).  I think that she is learning to compensate but it's hard for her to push off that foot to walk (are you imagining the walking process???). 

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

our children

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine ... and our conversation reminded me of how our children become tangled in our hearts and souls.  Joys and sorrows can be so close and we realize that each joyful beginning means the ending of something.  It's just SO MUCH ... I believe that's why children come with such wonderful things as "diaper blow-outs", fitful slumbers, teething, tantrums etc ... it helps us disengage for the moment from the intense emotional side of parenting.   Just this morning, Lucy, without struggle climbed right onto Mr Hippo ... I mean you would have thing the child just climbed Mt. Everest, the amount of laughing and cheering that resounded in our house.  OH she has quite the life story to share one day, and I hope that she feels every bit of joy and sorrow that is hers to feel as she starts understanding her story.  

Friday, July 21, 2006

new photos

1. her favorite book:  brown bear

2. climbing UP the slide

3. resting on the big girl bed

4. cute smile

5. her leapfrog table

6. yeah Lucy

7. riding mr hippo

Monday, July 17, 2006


Lucy had a visit to the Mall of America this evening.  She was so engaged.  I could see her really seeing things, interesting things, and most importantly connecting with people, especially children.  Anytime we were near any sort of music, her head would start bopping.  It was fun to just watch her noticing things.  When she was much smaller, I saw her eyes light up for some mardi gras beads at Claire's ... I couldn't resist getting them for her ... they have for months now been far and away her favorite toy.  The child knows what she wants.  She is beginning to get much more resistant to food.  She'll accept it into her mouth, but push it out right away, even the old tried and true foods. She's really growing up. I love how she nods her head when I ask her a question, complete serious look on her face ... "Lucy do you want a banana?"  (head nods like, yes mother I would just love to have a banana, thank you very much). Sometimes she shakes her head no.    This Saturday is the Ethiopian day picnic with Children's Home Society.  Families are travelling from all over, and some of the officials from MOLSA (part of the Ethiopian government that governs adoptions ... Ministers of Labor and Social Affairs) will be there, as well as Asnake (the director of the orphanage).  Last year I was at the picnic with a photo of Lucy ... chasing Asnake down ... "how is Eskedar?" Asnake's response "beautiful" ...  I met families at that picnic who were also waiting to travel,  we are all still connected and travelled within weeks of each other.  I can't wait to see everyone again.  Today again I am reminded of how emotional adoption is ...what a resposibility we carry as parents to these amazing children, to their birth families, their birth country and to each other.  

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Photos anyone?

Photo descriptions:

1. Thinking about her food

2. Thinking about eating grass

3. Resting

4. Here, she thinks she's so hilarious ...

Monday, July 10, 2006

and still more photos

What's happening in the photos?

1. getting her hair done

2. Getting steadier on those feet

3.  Watching the clouds in Erin's backyard

4. "Soooo big"

photos are fun

photos descriptions:  

1. In her Thing 2 outfit

2. Her pretty pink outfit from friend Bennett Nigatu

3. Hanging in the pool with da boys

4. Post 4th of July parade crash

5. Wading in Minnehaha Creek

Friday, July 7, 2006

One year ago ...

One year ago on Saturday (July 9)… 

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I was sitting in a restaurant with two coworkers, celebrating the fact that 45 minutes earlier I had turned in the last of my paperwork and was now officially waiting for a referral when my phone rang with an unidentified number.  It was my social worker, and quite unbelievably she was calling me with a referral.  One year ago I raced back to the office to open an e-mail with an attachment.  One year ago, up popped the photo of the most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen in my life,  my baby girl!   My head has been spinning ever since.  My life continues to change in the most wonderful and unpredictable ways.  It has only been one calendar year, but it might as well be a lifetime.  We are celebrating on Saturday by going to the zoo and to a state park for “camping”.   Thank you all so much for being a part of this amazing adventure.   Stacy

Thursday, July 6, 2006


Don't you love photo updates????  These are actually from Ethiopia, a little glimpse into the past!

Photo descriptions:

1. Lucy (Eskedar) with Tesfaye the very helpful man who worked at the care center. Just found out today that Tesfaye is now engaged!

2. Lucy and Viviane, she went home with her mom and dad the same day Lucy did!

3. Lucy and 4 yr old Tarique, who now lives in New Brighton

4. Lucy in the bjorn on an outing in Addis Ababa

5. Lucy and her favorite nurse.

6. Lucy moments after I first met her

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

that really bites!

My child is a biter!  I know it's nothing to be proud of or excited about, but she uses those teeth so appropriately.  Let me clarify ...  I am glad she gets mad and feels like she can express herself, and I let her know that biting momma is NOT OK, but deep inside, I feel relief that she'll fight for her right, fight for her right to stay in the pool, fight for her right to eat sand etc.   We went to the doctor today to get her ears/nose/throat checked out, and she weighs 19#6oz.  Not quite enough to face forward in the carseat. I wish I had something deeply profound to say, but when I am "blogging" it's either after 9pm and I have no brain or I am at work and trying to be quick about things. 

Thursday, June 29, 2006

testing a video link

If this link works ... you should be able to view a video montage from when I travelled to get Lucy ... if not, then you'll see nothing, either way you know she's cute!"

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

more photos

Photo descriptions:

1. Lucy playing with her ball popper

2. Smiley baby in her overalls

3. Lucy walking behind her hippo

4. Swimming

5, Eating her gorilla

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

water baby

She may not enjoy DRINKING water but swimming, that she loves.  Lucy's mood can be switched from beyond exhaustion to sheer joy if one just plops her in a swimming pool.  OH, she'll sit there all day if you let her.  Lucy loves baths too.  She sticks her face in the water, comes up all wet and smiling.  Sometimes in the pool, she topples over, but still comes up happy.  Maybe this weekend I'll get her to a lake to try out LOTS of water and sand (she loves the sandbox too).

Monday, June 19, 2006

just photos

About the photos:

1. Lucy and Baileys the cat having a stare down

2.Lucy eating her giraffe

3. Lucy eating her veggies

4. Making faces

5. Dancing (hard to capture in a still shot!)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

she's so mine

Lucy is starting to have mannerisms that freakishly resemble mine.  She is such a tape recorder!  We had to run to Target last night for her prescription, and some other baby essentials.  Lucy was not excited about sitting in the cart and while she was not crying she was definately noisily exclaiming that she was not where she preferred to be!  My goodness she was loud.  She'll stare into my eyes and scream and shake her head no.  I love that she gets no and yes.  She'll shake her head yes when she wants something and no when she doesn't.  Sometimes she shakes her head no as a way to tease.  She's too funny.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

another word

Well Lucy can say Barb too ... but it comes out "baahawab" super cute.  Lucy also had a marathon night of sleep.  She went down at 8:15,  i went into her room at 7:10 this morning, and she was sleepign face down (scared me!).  She was totally breathing though.  I put away her laundry ... she stayed asleep.  I picked her up and she had a pacifier in her mouth and one in each hand, but she was still sound asleep.  I brought her to my bed and layed with her, she stayed asleep until 7:30.   Good thing that our babysitter was coming to our house today, otherwise it would have left us with 10 minutes to get out the door!  

Monday, June 12, 2006

grandpa, cracker, and biting

Quite a lot happened this weekend.  Lucy can say grandpa clear as a bell and on command (when it moves her).  She can also say cracker but I hesitate to practice that a lot as she knows what she is saying, and gets upset when we practice saying cracker, and she doesn't actually have a cracker to eat.  Lucy could live off of crackers if I let her.  Lucy bit me twice yesterday, both times after I moved her away from the tv for the hundreth time.  I do love toddlers!  She's growing up so so fast. 

Friday, June 9, 2006


Finally it's Friday, a few more hours of work and then a nice relaxing weekend with Lucy.  Tomorrow morning a group of families are travelling to Ethiopia to meet their children.  I can't stop thinking about them and the moment when each of them see and hold their children for the first time. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

toddler fun

Can you believe Lucy is 13 months old!!!  It's hard to imagine, I know, but she is getting better and better as time goes by (and cuter as well).  Lucy is a super fast crawler now, she wastes no time getting to places she's not supposed to get to.  She can also pull herself up to standing and is pretty darn happy with all of this new mobility.  Lucy will have nothing to do with her walker (her old favorite), which means that getting anything done around the house while Lucy is awake is nearly impossible.  I think I have folded and she has unfolded the same load of laundry about 5 times now.   She is able to copy almost any facial expression, and practices all of her words and sounds in the car.  For my next car, I choose not to have tinted windows in the back ... I want people to know that I am making "rasberries" and other odd tongue related noises at my baby daughter, not just to amuse myself while driving!    I'll put in some more photos ... some are from the twins game on her first birthday! (she slept through a lot of the game).   Stacy

Monday, June 5, 2006

new photos

Hi,  sorry it's been so long ... life is busy.  Here are some new photos to hold you over until the next time when hopefully I'll write about all of the new tricks Lucy has (think toddler). 

Monday, May 8, 2006

1st birthday

whew, we had a party weekend and Lucy had a blast.   Saturday was the birthday party at our house.  Lucy had some cupcake and loved it!  She did really well with all the people and seemed to love the attention.  It was a beautiful day and wonderful to share with all our friends and family.   Will write about Sunday, her actual birthday in the next e-mail. 

Monday, May 1, 2006

last week before the big 1.0

my baby is about to turn one.  i think i will be one of those parents who give their child's age by months until she's about 65 months old.  We had our last post placement social worker visit today.  Lucy continues to grow and change.  She is getting more and more active. 

Sunday, April 23, 2006

more photos

Well we sure are enjoying spring!  We spent a lot of this weekend outdoors.  On Saturday we went to an Ethiopian Kids Community event in Edina.  It was so fun connecting with lots of families!  Some of the families were recently home with their children, the last time I saw them they just had referrals. Several families with referral photos in hand were also at the event.  We ended the wonderful day eating yummy Ethiopian food with some friends from Bemidji who made the journey to the cities for the Ethiopian kids event.  Lots of great things happened this weekend besides the Ethiopian kids event, Lucy got her swingset, we got new siding on the garage, the yard is looking great.  We reconnected with a lot of neighbors, had a nice neighborhood walk.  Lucy is doing great.  She is starting to show signs of toddlerhood.  She LOVES being outside, rolling off her blanket to touch the grass.  I think Lucy thinks she is so super cool in her new wagon. She sits up so straight and holds onto the sides.  She can see all around her and I can tell that she is busy taking in all of the sights and sounds on every walk. 

new photos

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Lucy is an outdoors type of girl.  I think she is having a blast with all of the new sights and sounds of spring.  I know I am loving it.  In the next few weeks, Lucy's yard will have evolved from just a regular city yard to a child's wonderland thanks to grandma and grandpa.  She will have a city park right outside her back door!  Lucy is on the verge of crawling, and is gaining momentum every day.  She is still very happy and social.  She makes eye contact with someone and gets giddy, especially if that someone is a child.  Yesterday we went out for Ethiopian food and she ate SO MUCH!  She loves it.  We also returned to the Ethiopian food market where our favorite clerk works.  He showed us part of a music video which shows how Ethiopians celebrate easter, which on the Ethiopian calendar is next week.  We bought some food, so that one day soon I can attempt to cook my own wat ... what is wat you ask?  Wat is stew. 

hope to have photos to add soon


Sunday, April 9, 2006

vacation end

Well,  it's the end of spring break.  OH how sad, I return to work and Lucy returns to her other caretakers. I think Lucy has the good end of the deal!  Well, we had a wonderful spring break.  I was able to use Monday to get stuff done, like bring her shoes to Gillette's, get grocerys, buy some jammies and go to the zoo.  We also had this wonderful experience at an Ethiopian food market, which ultimately took us to Fasika restaurant, where Lucy was passed around by the staff while we waited for them to cook and pack up delicious Ethiopian food for our journey north.  Tuesday morning we took off for Bemidji to visit friends of ours who have also adopted from Ethiopia.  After a wonderful couple of days in Bemidji, and a great visit we returned.  We enjoyed the rest of the week and weekend, having a nice balance between being busy and being mellow.  It was super great.  Lucy also turned 11 months old ... oh the time is going so fast.

Thursday, April 6, 2006

funny smile

a photo of Lucy's new goofball smile ...

Friday, March 31, 2006


Lucy has a tooth or two.  After months of blaming every drool and bad diaper on "teething I think" ... it finally happened.  Tonight I kept thinking she had something in her mouth, upon investigating, I found it to be true, she had a tooth in her mouth.  Now I know why she had a hard time sleeping last night! 

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

new photos

Saturday, March 25, 2006

On the mend ...

Lucy is doing better!  Whew, what a week and a half we had.  Poor Lucy had about 6 days of vomiting/diarreah/fever followed by two days of fever and discomfort.  After three trips to the doctor complete with blood tests, urine tests, and a chest x-ray ... it was determined that she had a nasty virus followed by a double ear infection.  Lucy handled it well but was sure sick of being sick and in pain by the end.  She absolutely loves her antibiotics, she gets all excited when she sees the medicine dropper, the goofball!   We celebrated wellness by taking a trip to the zoo this morning.  We were doing a sort of experiment.  See, we've been to the zoo twice before, and both times a dolphin died, now I am not saying that the dolphin world revolves around us but I was getting a little paranoid.  So far today, I haven't heard of any dolphin deaths ...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Well valued blog-readers I have to report that Lucy's been very ill since Wednesday night.  She has some sort of gastro-intestinal virus that's really hurting her.  She has been unable to hold food/formula down for any extended length of time. Lucy can't sleep for long and on top of being in pain is also very tired. OHH the poor baby, she was a real trouper the first few days but now, like her mother, has just bowed down to whining and crying a lot of the day.   Hope to report a happy healthy Lucy very soon.  Stacy

Sunday, March 12, 2006

a taste of spring

What a wonderful mini-vacation!  The weather was so perfect.  Lucy was a stellar traveler, she slept better then ever and seemed to enjoy the constant attention.  No housework, no phone calls, no errands just 100% togetherness.  We went on two hikes. Friday we went on a short 1/2 mile hike, Lucy was in the backpack and fell asleep almost before we entered the woods.  She slept for the entire walk, but I woke her up after the hike so she could see the woods.  Lucy ate snow and seem perplexed.  The second day we went on  a 1 1/2 mile hike. Lucy stayed awake for about 10 minutes of the hike and was out like a log, she didn't even have her nuk!  Lucy snored her way through the beautiful winter woods.   Lucy and I went swimming twice, she LOVED it!  I hope to post some swimming photos soon.  I put her under the water and she came up giggling.  As soon as we got into the pool her arms started flapping and her legs started kicking, she's a natural!   I think she's tired from the vacation, as it's not quite 9am and she's an hour into her first nap already. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

baby's first gamble

Tomorrow we leave for Lucy's first casino adventure.  Oh how exciting, two nights away from the city, away from the computer, away from any cleaning or organizing.  Hopefully the weather will be dry and we can walk around Mille Lacs Kathio state park a bit on Friday.   Lucy has really been changing ... she's so strong. Lucy is a wiggle worm!   She is eating a lot better, experimenting  with more grown up food.  Last Friday we went to an Ethiopian restaurant and Lucy ate a lot of one thing (don't know what it was) and quite a bit of injera (the bread).  Leaving her all day to go to work is still depressing, but the good news is she is much more settled now, and able to stay awake and relatively happy until 8ish each night.    I will try to blog more this weekend. 

Monday, February 13, 2006

busy weekend

Well one way to really appreciate the weekends is to do something you dread M-F!  I actually don't dread work, it's the leaving Lucy that I don't like.  Friday morning Lucy had her 9 month well child check.  She's doing great!  Her lungs sound clear (finally).  The dr wants her to stay on her meds throughout the cold and flu season.  Lucy weighs 16#8oz, and is in the 20% for height, weight and head circum., she is steadily making gains on this percentile chart.  The doctor is pleased with her development over the past three months. When the dr asked if Lucy was "talking" Lucy answered her with a "gaaaa ga ga  maaaa ma" and then she snorted.  It was pretty hilarious timing. 

It looks like Lucy's top teeth are close to coming in (she is doing the teething a bit out of order). 

This morning Lucy had a big smile and a wave for Auntie Barb, a very good sign.


Thursday, February 9, 2006

day four getting better

OK, things are presently looking up ... Lucy made it happily awake until 9:15 tonight.  She was her good old happy go lucky self tonight.  Things are working out well with Barb watching her.  I think they are having fun and Lucy is playing with more toys.  Lucy made several attempts to army crawl tonight.  I think she'll have a lot of fun once she learns to crawl!  She is doing LOTS of talking these days, she actually talked herself right to sleep.  Tomorrow Lucy goes to the doctor for her 9month well child check.  I will post her stats asap.  Here's a newer photo.  Stacy 

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

day three -lucy learns to whine

Well, we're on day three and while the days may be getting progressively easier for Lucy, I think they are progressively becoming more difficult and depressing for me.  I hate being gone all day.  Yesterday evening Lucy discovered the fine art of whining, which carried over to this morning.  I do not enjoy this new side of Lucy and hope it's just a temporary part of the transition.   Well, back to work for me ... so I can get home and kiss Lucy.


Tuesday, February 7, 2006


Well, it's official,  the honeymoon is over.  Oh woe is us.  Yesterday was our first day as a working family.  Lucy was dropped over at Auntie Barbs ... she woke up from her slumber in a strange house with no mama and she did not like it!  Barb got her to take another short nap, but upon wake up from that, she still decided she didn't like the situation.  Poor Lucy, poor Barb, poor momma.  We were not a happy trio.  Lucy spent the rest of the day at work with me, and was not her normal happy self.  This morning she woke up happy again.  Today is grandma day.  Hope it goes better.  Auntie Barb is such a sweetie!  She offered to come over this week and maybe next week to provide child-care in my house so Lucy could have a more gentle transition.  That's why soon, auntie Barb will be a favorite person in Lucy's life.   In 6 minutes I will call to check on Lucita (I am making myself wait at least an hour), I know I am such a wimp! 


Monday, January 30, 2006

return to work

Well, it's our last week of leave...  I am looking forward to just getting on with it, and getting into a routine instead of just dreading it.  Lucy is cooperating by sleeping well most nights.  Lucy is starting to roll all over the place now ... she's not really crawling at all but is starting to enjoy the ability to get from one place to another by rolling.  She is very good at manipulating the walker as well ... Sassy is not appreciating this new skill.  Lucy loves taking showers with mommy, she giggles when the water hits her and is always leaning toward the water for more, she doesn't seem to mind the water getting all over her face.   I am attaching another new photo ...  she's so dang cute!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

new photo

kitty cat

Call me crazy, but I am convinced that Lucy says "kitty cat" whenever she sees one of the cats.  I know it's true.  Lucy is 8 months old now.  I know that  I have been neglectful of the blog but I have been busy playing with her.  Now that I've shared the blog address with the ethiopia adopt group, I thought I had better update at least once!  Next week is my last week of maternity leave.  OH life is going to change when I go back to work.  I am sure Lucy will do great with auntie barb and grandma ... it's me I am worried about!   Well, Lucy is still a great joy.  She's just so much fun, happy, content, funny and cuddly!  She gives such intense, moist kisses.  She can also hug.  Lucy has a new "dolphin" laugh, so funny.   We've been getting together with the Ethiopian Kids Community group pretty much every month since we've returned home, I think this group will become more and more important to her as she grows up, it's already important to me.   Well ... I am going to try to add a photo and then sign off.