Wednesday, August 30, 2006


OK ... I know that at each stage of my time with Lucy, I have ADORED that particular age ... but I am here to say that 15 months, by far my favorite!   She's just prelingual, you know that age, where she knows some words and knows that language exists, she wants desperately to communicate ... she just needs to do so creatively.  During those moments when I am 'present focused'  I can totally figure out what's going on.  Tonight we experienced a little game of charades.  First, what does it mean when a baby walks from one end of the room to another, systematically going from one "no" to another?  Sounds like "uper moored" ... that's right "super bored" ... she was bored and needed to be engaged in more appropriate activities.  How about this ... she's whining, she's falling apart, shes standing at the kitchen gate and shaking it ... looking at my and screaming???  Sounds like "whack" ...  YUP, SNACK!   Ahhhh usually I head these things off before they happen, tonight, I was tired.  I wanted to zone out and my darling daughter was having none of that!   She does have another real word "banana" ... clear as a bell, we were at Whole Foods and she says baaaaaaanaaana ... and grunts, and sure enough sitting beside us, a whole lovely table full of bananas, needless to say, the girl got a bunch of bananas!   OHHHH and another success,  today's lunch and dinner were successfully ate WITHOUT INJERA!!!  I didn't tell you that we had a little addiction to injera and pancakes at our house ... all food had to be on injera or be a pancake or it was wholeheartedly refused! 


Thursday, August 24, 2006

camping photos

1. Isaac on a hike

2. Lucy in the swimming hole

3. the three friends

4. camping at dusk

5. we made it through the night!

6. playing trains in the tent

7. pancakes for breakfast

8. Nathan happy

9. Isaac loosing patience with train trak stealer Lucy

10. Nathan swinging

11. Sitting in an Eagles Nest

12. the little Eagle

13. taking a little nap in the nest

14. very mellow

15. Nathan sleephikes


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

camping - another first!

I took a couple days off of work and took Lucy camping!   I arranged a short trip to a state park and invited a friend and her two children (ages 3 and 2).  It was the first tent camping experience for all of the kids.  Deb and I were nervous and had fairly low expectations (especially for the sleeping portion).   Everything turned out great!  Shortly before we got to the state park we stopped for lunch at a restaurant called "Happy's" ... well it lived up to it's name!  This place was just this little hole-in-the-wall semi-fast food restaurant but it had an outdoor and indoor play area ... big sand box, swing set, kids picnic table, basketball court WOW!  The kids had tons of fun playing and stretching and they even ate a little.  We (Deb and I) got our energy mustered for the next step....  thankfully when we arrived at the campground one kid was sleeping (Nathan 2yr), so we were able to get the tent up with only two mobile children to track.  Once everyone was awake and alert we went on a short hike. Lucy fell asleep once she was in the carrier.  The two boys did well on the hike (aside from one minor melt-down).  We then went swimming and back to the campsite.  Lucy was in heaven ... she never had to go "inside" she had two other kids to follow around and her mom never left her sight.  At bed time, Nathan was practically begging to go down ... and he and Lucy fell quickly to sleep.  Isaac stayed up for a smore, and then a fire stick show (put on by me ... the fire bug).  He also fell asleep quickly which left Deb and I a few minutes to chat by the fire before we too needed sleep.  The night was CHILLY!  No bugs ... The kids all slept through the night ... Lucy kept moving her hands so they were on my arms or face.   The morning came quickly and we were up again.  We had pancakes, hot chocolate, coffee ... we played at the campsite, went to a talk on "predators" and went on another hike ... we then cheated on lunch by going to McDonalds ...  after playing at the campsite for a bit longer we packed up and headed home.   The experience was positive and I felt like I could really handle the camping with kids thing!    Can't wait until the next trip in September.   Photos will follow when I get to a faster computer. 

Thursday, August 17, 2006

photo update

1. beautiful smile

2. love the scarf

3. exploring the playground

4. Walking in water!

5. loves the water

6. eating fish

7. falling asleep during lunch

8. modified peek-a-boo

9. "so soft"

Maybe she's really 2?

Yes everyone ... I know I have always wanted my daughter to have some spunk but when her "spunk" ends up exhausting both of us then it's time for some good old fashioned meekness.  OH boy did we have a fight yesterday ... it started over Swedish meatballs (a "no go"), it continued over instant oatmeal (a real tear jerker) and then almost lasted through fried rice (later that evening), when finally through the miracle of chopsticks Lucy realized I wasn't trying to poison her, only feed her and she ate like a rock star.  I mean golly gee willakers, what happens sometimes?  I won't even begin to go into the diaper changing fiascos that have been occurring for the past two days.    OH this new grown up attitude might go along with her gains in walking skills, yesterday she walked, frankenstein like, from the living room into the dining room before coming crashing down, she did this at least twice.  AND she can climb up on her toddler bed, and even more importantly can turn around and get off the bed (as opposed to hurling her self onto the floor).     

Thursday, August 10, 2006

dr appt. and photos

Lucy had her 15 month well child check yesterday.  She's perfect of course!  She finally passed the 20# mark (20# 4 oz), which means we are safe to be facing forward.  She totally flirted with the doctor, showing off her well-honed social skills.  We're all good.  Here are some new photos from Tuesday. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

baby steps

Well, for a few days now Lucy has been taking up to 3-4 steps!  For those of you who are new to the blog or who haven't "caught on", Lucy has a foot deformity (one foot is teeny tiny, not completely formed).  I think that she is learning to compensate but it's hard for her to push off that foot to walk (are you imagining the walking process???).