Monday, February 13, 2006

busy weekend

Well one way to really appreciate the weekends is to do something you dread M-F!  I actually don't dread work, it's the leaving Lucy that I don't like.  Friday morning Lucy had her 9 month well child check.  She's doing great!  Her lungs sound clear (finally).  The dr wants her to stay on her meds throughout the cold and flu season.  Lucy weighs 16#8oz, and is in the 20% for height, weight and head circum., she is steadily making gains on this percentile chart.  The doctor is pleased with her development over the past three months. When the dr asked if Lucy was "talking" Lucy answered her with a "gaaaa ga ga  maaaa ma" and then she snorted.  It was pretty hilarious timing. 

It looks like Lucy's top teeth are close to coming in (she is doing the teething a bit out of order). 

This morning Lucy had a big smile and a wave for Auntie Barb, a very good sign.


Thursday, February 9, 2006

day four getting better

OK, things are presently looking up ... Lucy made it happily awake until 9:15 tonight.  She was her good old happy go lucky self tonight.  Things are working out well with Barb watching her.  I think they are having fun and Lucy is playing with more toys.  Lucy made several attempts to army crawl tonight.  I think she'll have a lot of fun once she learns to crawl!  She is doing LOTS of talking these days, she actually talked herself right to sleep.  Tomorrow Lucy goes to the doctor for her 9month well child check.  I will post her stats asap.  Here's a newer photo.  Stacy 

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

day three -lucy learns to whine

Well, we're on day three and while the days may be getting progressively easier for Lucy, I think they are progressively becoming more difficult and depressing for me.  I hate being gone all day.  Yesterday evening Lucy discovered the fine art of whining, which carried over to this morning.  I do not enjoy this new side of Lucy and hope it's just a temporary part of the transition.   Well, back to work for me ... so I can get home and kiss Lucy.


Tuesday, February 7, 2006


Well, it's official,  the honeymoon is over.  Oh woe is us.  Yesterday was our first day as a working family.  Lucy was dropped over at Auntie Barbs ... she woke up from her slumber in a strange house with no mama and she did not like it!  Barb got her to take another short nap, but upon wake up from that, she still decided she didn't like the situation.  Poor Lucy, poor Barb, poor momma.  We were not a happy trio.  Lucy spent the rest of the day at work with me, and was not her normal happy self.  This morning she woke up happy again.  Today is grandma day.  Hope it goes better.  Auntie Barb is such a sweetie!  She offered to come over this week and maybe next week to provide child-care in my house so Lucy could have a more gentle transition.  That's why soon, auntie Barb will be a favorite person in Lucy's life.   In 6 minutes I will call to check on Lucita (I am making myself wait at least an hour), I know I am such a wimp!