Monday, November 28, 2005

Lucy of course

Hi blog readers and loyal Lucy fans ...  Lucy is growing fast!  She creates a stir wherever we go.  Today we were at the Mall of America and someone recognized her as being Ethiopian ... it started a long conversation with a woman who does a lot of humanitarian work with Ethiopian school children, this woman is planning on adopting from Ethiopia soon.  Lucy rolled over (from stomach to back) on Thanksgiving night!  She's a pro now but she still looks surprised after she does it.  She is screaming (happily) on a regular basis ... she's not a quiet little girl anymore!  Lucy has some new night time habits as well ... instead of waking up every hour coughing ... she now wakes up for the first two hours crying (not sure why).  She then sleeps until 3ish, eats and then falls into a fitful slumber until about 6:30 ... at that time I try desperately to stay awake (it works so long as I don't lay down) and play with her until her morning nap (around 8:30).   She's still a happy happy baby ... I love those smiles, they melt my heart! 

Monday, November 14, 2005

Three weeks

It's hard to believe I have only had Lucy for three weeks ... two weeks here and one week in Ethiopia.  It seems like forever!  Maybe it's because we've already been through so much ... we've been to three continents (Africa, Europe, N. America) ... we've flown countless hours.  We have had three straight days of fever followed by an incredible cough that eventually took us to the ER (she had RSV) ...   Lucy has grown these past few weeks.  After she felt a bit better, she quickly changed to the new time zone and is in a sleeping routine (about 9:30 pm  until 3am, then again until 7:30 am) ... she's pretty great ... Lucy is getting stronger at sitting up and her legs are really kicking hard.   Lucy almost always has smiles and coos to share.  She's a great baby! 

Thursday, November 10, 2005

All Lucy all the time

You know ... everyone seems to love Lucy ... I mean really love her.  She does draw in a crowd with her cute cute self.  "It almost hurts to look at her, she's so beautiful" was one comment overheard recently ... and this was from someone who didn't even know that she had an even more beautiful personality!  OK, this might bore some people but it needs to be reported that the last time Lucy had a coughing fit was last night around 10:30pm ...  she slept from about 9:30 - 3am ... yippeee!!!  Lucy is about to have a visit from her friend Cora and my friend Jen ... hope she wakes up in time! 


Tuesday, November 8, 2005

A schedule???

Well, Lucy is on the road to recovery ... she got some nasty virus on the airplane, and made it through three days of fever, she's now down to just a bad cough (at night of course).  We've now had two semi-successful sleep nights in a row so (knock on wood) I think we may be on official Minnesota time schedule.  Lucy is really growing with all the attention she's getting (and all the fomula she's drinking).  She is getting really good at playing with the dangly toy baby gym I got her ... at first she would just sort of "bat" at the hangy toys, now she's really grabbing and manipulating them.  She also seems to have more head control and seems more comfortable sitting upright on my lap.  We took advantage of the warm sun yesterday and went for a long walk (Lucy slept).   I love having this time with her and wish it to go slowly! 


Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Lucy's home!!!!

Hi everyone,

Lucy is home and we're all a little turned around.  We had a little party from about 1-3am including formula, pizza, music and lots of cooing and smiling.  She's now asleep again on my bed (bad habits start really quick) and I am awake.   The Ethiopia trip was wonderful in many ways the biggest of course is Lucy.  I stayed at the care center and received Lucy the morning after I arrived.  She was quite obviously loved (and I would venture to say favored) and well cared for at the center.  Lucy is very social, smiles, laughs and talks a lot.  She goes from happy and content to "starving" in about one second ... it's pretty funny.  Lucy isn't doing a lot of physical moving yet, not rolling, sitting or putting weight on her legs but I am confident this will all come with time and encouragement.  Lucy and I visited a few sites in Addis Ababa, she hung out in the baby bjorn (thanks Deb!).     In Ethiopia we were stopped everywhere with people commenting on what a beautiful baby she is ... ohhhh babies do connect people!   Lucy was kissed by dozens of school children at the national museum ... they all wanted to kiss her hands and touch her was really cute.  Lucy seems healthy in most ways, I have some concerns and questions for the doctor but nothing warranting any emergency or anxiety.   When Lucy is on a normal schedule she wakes up about once a night to eat and be changed.    We are happy to be back and I will send you some photos soon!  Love Stacy and Lucy

Thursday, October 20, 2005

closer to done

ok ... things are better now ... I am a little less George W and a little more smart.  I have finished about 98% of the paperwork and feel totally focused and able to do the last 2% plus the work related stuff tomorrow.  One important thing to not forget is to go to the bank and deposit my paycheck.  Other then that it's likely that the next blog you read will be written by a sleep deprived new mommy!!!  Isnt' life great?????!!!!!  Thanks for following ... I get home on Oct 31st at 3:58pm ... Stacy


Well, it's official ... I am a fumbling idiot (just call me George Jr) ... I CAN NOT bring myself to do paperwork!  Unfortunately, paperwork is about all I have left to do, both for the adoption and for my work.  It's a sad reality that I have to fight every instinct in my body to finish up BOATLOADS of paperwork today and tomorrow because it's my last chance ... and I think the US government really means it when they say that you have to turn this stuff in before they'll give you a visa for a baby.  I am not so certain I want to test them on this matter.  I also think it might be a good idea for my work relations to finish my client related paperwork before I leave for three months.   Unfortunately even trying to use Lucy as "bait", the end is worth the means is not helping inspire my brain to learn new things and accomplish boring tasks.   I SOOOO desperately want to fight the "man" ... I thought, what if I copy that one form onto red paper instead of light blue ... would the gov. really deny me my child because of the color of a piece of paper???  I will never find this out.   I got her birth certificate yesterday, there's a little passport size photo of her attached to the certificate ... she looks like a convict (sorry baby but you do) ... very stunned big eyes!    Well, I am off to try to finish at least one task.    Stacy

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Smiling Lucy

Yesterday I received an unexpected gift of two new photos of Lucy and a social update.  She's looking beautiful and happy.  She's rolling over, holding down her bottles, sleeping better and gaining weight fast!  It's good news. 

Sunday, October 16, 2005

One week

I will be in Ethiopia with my daughter a week from now.  I am overwhelmed with emotions right now.  This was my last child-free weekend. It went super fast. The entire weekend was busy busy busy. Friday night - Sunday night with really no down time.  I am happy though ... it's so amazing how giving everyone in my life is.  I am really blessed with family and friends who share my joy and excitement about Lucy. On Saturday I met Zed.  Zed is from Ethiopia, she works with my aunt.  I believe that Zed will be my "mentor" for Lucy.  She already has given Lucy gifts and has answered a few of my questions. I can't wait for Lucy Eskedar to meet Zed. 

Sunday, October 9, 2005


It's starting to sink in now...  I leave in two weeks.  Not only am I getting my daughter, I am also going to Africa.  I am going to Africa. This has always been the plan but it has just seemed like I have been planning more for a baby and the Africa part was incidental.  Now I need to start thinking about both things, the baby and the trip.  Here's one odd thing, packing a suitcase with a week and a half's worth of stuff to clothe, diaper and feed a baby that I have yet to meet.  What a way to start parenting!  I have never parented and I have never been to Africa why not combine the two?  OK, not a problem.  I have realized that the baby's stuff takes up a lot of room in the suitcase (she's small but spitty-uppy), the formula takes up a lot of room and I am quite unaware of how much she's taking and how often ... it's likely that I am over packing the formula but who wants their first big parenting mistake to be running out of formula 1/2 way through a 17 hour international flight?  NOT ME!   It's the same problem with diapers.  It's a good thing I have two assistants traveling with me!  

Friday, October 7, 2005


I finally got the news I have been waiting and waiting for!!!!  I leave for Ethiopia to get my daughter on October 22nd!!!  I can't believe how soon that is.   I return on October 31st.  Will let you know as soon as I have more information.  Stacy

Tuesday, October 4, 2005


STILL, no news on travel ... everything is still just "possible".  I have a feeling that it's more likely to be the first or second week in November and very unlikely to happen the end of October.  I just want to know.  I did receive another e-mail about Lucy and the new formula.  The worker who hand delivered the formula reported that she is taking it very well and that it appears as if it's contributing to weight gain.  I hope so.  I have been speaking (via e-mail) with three other moms who will likely travel around the same time as me. The "I know exactly how you feel" exchanges have been very very helpful.  

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ethiopian courts

Another quick update,  the courts are open but they are organizing and are not taking new cases yet.  I was informed that they might begin scheduling new cases next week .... will keep you all posted with any new info as it comes in. 

A small little update

I received an e-mail from Childen's Home Society saying that Lucy Eskedar is responding well to the new formula.  This is good news she should start gaining weight. 


FINALLY I figured out (with Mel's help) how to do this ... now you can see one of the cutest babies in the world!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Laughing Lucy

Lucy laughs, smiles, babbles and cries when her caretaker leaves the room!  Isn't this exciting????  I am excited.  My baby is growing and developing (socially) at a fairly "normal" pace!  She laughs ... that's so cute, I can't wait to hear it.   I have had three baby showers and am almost set up for a baby.   Today I set up the little area in the living room that will (ideally) hold her toys. Realistically I imagine them all over the place ... but at least there is now an official place to store the toys.  I haven't received any information on how she is responding to the new soy formula that was sent over to the orphanage late last week.  I also haven't heard yet about travel days ... I hope to report that very very soon. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

More News

Hello,  Today I received some more news about Lucy Eskedar.  It's not all wonderful although at this time I am feeling a little calmer.  She has been sick (like I said in the last blog).  I received a new photo today (beautiful, very very beautiful).  I also received a little bit of medical info.  It seems that in the past couple of months Lucy has actually lost weight.  She has grown about a centimeter.  She now (at 4 months old) weighs a little over 8 pounds. She's a tiny one.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that she grows and that the court process goes fast so we can get her home soon.  Love Stacy

A tiny bit of news

Well I received a tiny littly update on Lucy this morning.  They (Children's Home) received a new photo of her but are still waiting on new medical info and developmental assessment.  I hope they send the photo soon!  They also said that they received news that pnemonia had gone around the orphanage and that Lucy spend a couple days in the hospital last month but is back at the orphanage now. I want my baby home!   I will let you all know as soon as I know more.  Time couldn't possibly more any slower at this point. 

Monday, September 19, 2005

Baby Showers

I had my first babyshower on Saturday.  It was wonderful, a pirate themed babyshower (hard to explain).  I was surrounded by a lot of good friends.  Lucy got lots of cute and useful gifts.   Sara, Jen and Mel did a wonderful job of planning, decorating and leading ... we had a couple of "games" disquised as ice breakers and quizes.  The pirate cake was the best.  OHHH now to get her home so she can use all of this stuff. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Check it off!

Just a quick update ... I found out today that as of yesterday I have been approved through US-CIS to bring an orphan into the United States!  Good news, as I was worried there would be some sort of delay in the processing etc.  Now just waiting for the Ethiopian court date and then travel. 

Friday, September 9, 2005


Waiting is the theme this month.  I am waiting for US-CIS approval (could be awhile), waiting for an Ethiopian courtdate, waiting for news I can travel.  It's hard to wait (does this sound familiar?).  In the meantime I have been finishing Lucy's room (I'd say its 97% done), daydreaming and looking for daycare.  Here's a shoutout to the general blog reading community ... if anyone knows anyone who does daycare for infants, lives in the Mpls area, and does a great job please pass the info. on to me!   I have pretty much ruled out the possibility of going to the more secure and established daycare centers as the costs pretty much equal my take home pay.  I am now searching for in-home daycare or some kind of child-care exchange ... I am willing to get creative here so long as Lucy's in good hands.   I am having some baby showers this month as well as the infamous Pirate party ... so that will help pass the time.  Everyone send hurry up vibes to the US government and the Ethiopian government ... thanks


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Already embarrassing my daugher

Well, it's happening already ... I haven't even met Lucy yet and already I am in the process of creating a "bad name" for us.  I tried so hard, honestly ... to be professional and cool ...  I had an appointment this morning to interview a possible daycare center who may have an opening in Feb or March for Lucy.  I purposefully dressed up for the occasion, trying to look professional.  I left early, stopped in my coffee shop, sat down to drink my coffee and read the paper ... all was good.  I went to the daycare and really bonded with the director who is an adoptive mother herself.  I toured the daycare, meeting and talking to the teachers in the infant and the toddler room.  I stayed after the tour to chat some more with the director about her adopted daughter.  I went to work.  I was at work for about an hour when one of my coworkers walked up to me and said .... "Stacy, why is your shirt inside out?"  ... so Lucy won't be going to that daycare ...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Ethiopian Kids

Yesterday I went to a Children's Home Society picnic for families in the Ethiopian adoption program.  I finally saw (in person) all of the adorable kids I have been ooohhing and aaahing over during the past several months (their photos are on the Children's Home website). I also was able to meet and greet their parents and several Ethiopian government officials who have been touring Children's Home Society since the courts in Ethiopia have been closed.  It was very exciting to see and connect with all of these people.  I also connected with three families who are (like me) waiting for their children.  One couple has received their referral for a baby boy just a couple weeks younger than Lucy ... we think that they are roommates/friends over in Ethiopia.  Another couple has a referral for a 2 yr old girl, very nice people!   Always good to be in a group of people who totally KNOW what I am feeling and going through at this moment.  It makes me feel so much less obsessive!   I hope I will be traveling at the same time as some of these families. 

Thursday, August 18, 2005

No news is just no news

This is not the most exciting time of the adoption process ...  It's making me quite mental I must say.  The next thing I am waiting for is the letter from US-CIS saying that I can take a baby home ... I expect that in the next couple of weeks.  So, basically I am just waiting and doing little projects in preparation.  I hung up a couple more things including a lion rug that my aunt gave me, she got it in Ethiopia a long time ago and it looks great hanging in my room. People are also starting to arrange baby showers.  This at least gives me a focus.  I just want to go and get her!  Hopefully very soon I will be able to write some real news here.  Stacy

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

just blathering

Hi everyone,

I don't have much to say because I am still WAITING.  I did get a new photo of Lucy, she's totally wrapped up in a blanket or towel .. but of course you can see that she's the cutest baby in the world.  Last night I went to a waiting families support group at Children's Home ... it was cool (that's coming from a person who hates groups).  I was in a group of about 7 women who are adopting as single moms.  A lot of them went through the China program. One woman brought home her 2yr old daughter from China last month, she brought her along and told us how the pick up went (not well).   I spent about an hour after group talking to two women who are well into the process (currently both are watiing for a referral), they'll probably travel early next year.  They are both going requesting daughters.  It was so interesting hearing how the process goes with other countries ... I can see how this process could be addictive (they warned us at the beginning).  My social worker was the leader of this group.  I plan on going next month.  Stacy

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Taking anything I can get

Soon, soon, soon, I shall have a new photo of Lucy Eskedar ... I guess a social worker from another agency escorted two children home from Ethiopia and she got a photo of Lucy while she was there.  Alexa from Children's Home told me that she sent a copy in the mail today ... funny how the little things can get me excited! 

Monday, August 1, 2005

August - Still Waiting

Hi Everyone ... Well, the news is as expected ... nothing.  Now is the hard part of the process ... waiting.  I really have no paperwork or nothing left to do.  I haven't received any updates on Lucy Eskedar, but will e-mail the Ethiopia team soon just to remind them that I am here and that info on Lucy would be so appreciated.  In the meantime my dad and mom have been really helpful working around the house making preparations.  My dad patiently rehung the prints on Lucy's wall so they could be just right.  He also put in a new ceiling fan in the room that will be mine.  Auntie Deb and Jen have been shopping and buying lots of cute clothes for Lucy ... she'll be a fashion queen. 

love Stacy

Monday, July 25, 2005


Hi everyone ... I think this is going to be a fairly quiet couple of months on the adoption front.  I basically have only waiting to do.  I am currently waiting for my US-CIS approval letter to arrive, but it probably won't come until September.  After that I will be waiting for an Ethiopian court date (not likely until October) ... and then will wait to travel (not likely until November).  Just a whole lot of waiting.  Meanwhile, I have been making a scrapbook for Lucy.  I am writing fairly short notes about the process of adopting her ... it's been a lot of fun, but that book is also almost up to date.  I am also knitting a blanket for her, I think that will take until the time I leave which is a good thing.  Each weekend I am trying to do one house project in preparation ... and by the end of this coming weekend July will be over.  Waiting is hard! 

Monday, July 18, 2005

Lucy Anderson

Today I officially turned in the referral acceptance letter (I have no idea what the actual term for this is). I had to write the child's new name on the form.  I wrote Lucille Eskedar Anderson.  I have a little Lucy.  I might be able to get health and photo updates as I wait to travel in November.  I hope so!  One of my coworkers has a baby girl who was born the day after Lucy, so I will have a practice baby as I wait.    -Stacy

Thursday, July 14, 2005



Yup, if I repeat a few things here you can blame that on lack of concentration!  I have been, well, a spaz these past few days!  Whew, It's hard to focus.  I keep looking at Eskedar and thinking, Wow, that's my baby!  Weird, she's so far away ... and months to go before I get to hold her.   Jen pointed out yet another positive about adoption ... I can drink at my baby shower!  I have to say that between Jen, Mel and me, the baby already has several very cute outfits.  Mel bought the one that says "I love Mommy!" ... I like that one a lot!   Well, baby Eskedar (Lucy or Esther), was born on May 7th.  At the end of June she weighed 8 1/2 pounds.  She's totally adorable ... super cute!  If you want to see a photo you can send me a personal e-mail.  Thanks to all who have been interested, involved and supportive your phone calls, questions and participation are very welcomed and appreciated. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

baby girl Anderson

Well ... it's semi-official (haven't signed the papers yet, but my head and heart have signed on) ... I have a daughter!  Her name right now is Eskedar ... her name will either be Lucille (Lucy) Eskedar,  or Esther Eskedar ... I have until Monday to decide. I took my paper baby to the pediatrician today, and she said the baby looks great and that the toe deformity is just what it is ... that she should be able to walk fine. She said she's really cute (and it's true she is).  I can't believe how exciting this is!  More to come when I catch my breath. 


Monday, July 11, 2005

Hard Choices

Hi Everyone ... here's a quck update.  I am not going into significant details for a couple reasons 1. I don't have a lot of details and 2. this isn't all public info ... anyone who has specific questions can call me!   I received a child referral on Friday. The child has a medical need, a deformed foot.  I am not sure what this means in terms of prognosis, treatment or if anything else may be affected other then the obvious foot.  It is a beautiful 2month old girl!  I would travel in November, putting her at 6months old when I would get her.  Before I can get overly excited, however ... I must have the doctors here review the information and give me thier best advise, given the limited information.  I can handle special needs emotionally, but it's the financial obligations that I may not be able to handle if the condition extends beyond the foot.  Thank you all for prayers for this little girl, and for me to make the best decision possible. 

Thursday, July 7, 2005


Hi everyone,

Well, the paper work is done!  I finished signing and copying about 1/2 hour ago.  I have one more check to write out and then tomorrow morning I will drop every thing off at Children's home Society.   I am still waiting for approval from US-CIS (immigration), which I will get but since Westchester County NY is not responding to background requests things are taking a bit longer.  This shouldn't be a big issue.  I still can turn in my dossier to the agency, and will still get a referral. I just can't travel to Ethiopia until the US-CIS approval comes in.  I am still looking at October-November as a travel time but hopefully in the next month or so I should get a child referral.  


Friday, July 1, 2005

long weekend

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of a nice long holiday weekend!  I know I am.  I started by sleeping in late ... and then with the help of Mel ... kicked butt on getting some stuff done for my dossier.  I got the passport photos taken, the bank letter written and notarized and I have an official place to go to get my clearance letter from the Mpls police dept.  Tuesday I will do that.  After a long and highly stressful work week ... I was happy as a clam to get these things finished.  Soon I will be able to turn this paper work into CHSFS to have them certify stuff and do whatever they do to get it all finalized and compiled ... and of course I will continue to wait for my referral.  Oh yeah, I also received a bill for the home study ... ouch.  It's like having a baby with no medical insurance ... totally worth it though!!!

more later,


Thursday, June 23, 2005



Mark it down, June 23rd, 2005 ... My official approval date.  I had my last home study at 7:00 this morning.  My home study was approved.  My social workers best guess is that I will receive a referral in the next 2 months. HOLY COW!   Thank you to my mom, dad, Jen and auntie Deb for helping prepare (by cleaning etc.) for the home study.  It's over ...  Now I have to start collecting official documents for Ethiopia. 

breathe Stacy, breathe ...


Monday, June 13, 2005

Home Study

Hi all, 

I just finished the first part of my two part home study.  I met with my social worker this morning at 7:00.  It was a good meeting, basically going over the stuff I had written in my self-study.  Next Thursday she comes to my house for the second part.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all there is to do before next Thursday.  Not that the house has to be perfect, but I want it to partially represent what it will be like after the baby comes.  I spent 3 hours downstairs today rearranging and cleaning and that was just the main room.  Next is the storage areas and the bathroom.  This week and weekend are filled to the brim.   Starting tomorrow night I begin to have overnight guests that are coming to town for Sara's wedding.  I am actually very excited to be hosting ... I love hosting ...  Next week, starting Monday is the serious "social worker is coming" crack down.   

Friday morning we go to the immigration office to get fingerprinted. 

life is exciting, Stacy

Wednesday, June 8, 2005


This morning I got a phone call from the INS ... I was thinking, wow there are real live people working there???  On Monday I sent the application for the advance petition to adopt an orphan from abroad.  Here it is Wednesday and they are already calling me.  They had a question.  I guess I assumed that the INS was super bureaucratic and would take forever but nope ... at least they opened the envelope fairly quickly.   Their job at this point is to give me and Jen a date to get our FBI fingerprinting done ...



Monday, June 6, 2005


Hey ... I am finally finding interesting (readable) books with an Ethiopian (or at least African) subject.  One book was fiction, set in some other country in Africa called "The Number One Ladies Detective Agency", it was an easy read and I want to believe it gave me some insight into the culture.  Another book, that I am currently reading is called ???? (something like Journey into the dark star land ...)  anyways, it's a travel narrative about very recent travels that one man made through Africa ... part of which is spent in Ethiopia.  I am definately learnign something about the culture, history and politics through reading that book.  Specifically it seems that each country, region etc has a specific history and culture but that there is a flow throughout the continent, the borders are fluid (culturally speaking).  Reading the book(s) is making me very excited about my upcoming travels.  The travel book is a little addictive, I am finding myself staying up late late at night reading it.  It isn't necessarily an easy read as I am unfamiliar with the names, history, politics etc so skimming over parts is definately not an option.  Once I finish this book, I believe that my brain will be ready for the Ethiopian history book that I bought months ago and tried to read but really couldn't get past the introduction because it was all so foreign and I couldn't place any of the events into my head in order to connect them with other world events ... it's complicated to explain, but the best I can do is say ... it was like I was reading a foreign language (although it was English)....

This morning I went to the goverment center very very early ... had the joy of experiencing their first day with the new security system ... (it seemed like their first day anyways) ... and I obtained three certified copies of my birth certificate ... I only know I need one but I figured, the way this process is going it cant hurt to grab extras while I am there. 

rolling right along


Saturday, May 28, 2005

one more step

Howdy readers.  I hope everyone is enjoying (or has enjoyed) their holiday weekend.  I have been very productive.  This morning with the help of Mel, I got some of the painting done in (what will be) the baby's room.  Should be able to finish more of it before the end of the weekend but I can take it slow.  (Don't worry aunt Linda, I am taking care with the ceiling this time).  It is going to look super great!  More importantly (to the process), I finished my adoption self-study questions (19 questions to answer, took me about 7 type written pages to complete).  I am glad to be done with this, one more step to cross of the list.  I should be able to send my CIS documents (some goverment forms to prequalify me to petition to adopt an orphan from abroad) on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Things are really moving along.  I am focused and excited. 


Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Hi all ... I am supposed to be working, writing up procedures for intakes .. but it seems that once I get on this high speed internet at work, all I want to do is search for adoption stuff.  I found a motherload today.  Announcements, books, clothes, music, baby books etc.  How exciting.  This adoption is moving me towards new worlds (in lots of different ways).  It's so amazing to discover how many peoples lives have been affected by adoption.  It seems as if everytime I mention the adoption at least one person has a story about how their friends or family have been touched by adoption.  When I look at all of the "stuff" out there about adoption, I believe that my experience isn't isolated.  I think that people who are adopting (internationally at least), pretty much get hooked into a new world.  It's exciting ... you all know how much I love my new worlds!  I am busy working hard on my self study questions, hope to finish those up tonight and then will work on the CIS documents (government stuff) to hopefully finish next week.  Then another wait ....

love you all


Friday, May 20, 2005

Adoption class

I have been consumed with adoption education for the past two days.  What a trip!  I assumed (partially correctly) that a lot of people would annoy me because they would ask stupid questions. That didn't really happen much.  I got a lot of information that I already knew either through social work school, through my own searches or because my friends have recently been through the international adoption process.  I now hold in my hands the questions to my self study, which must be completed before I start my next step, the home study.  I met my social worker, Karne.  I also got some more information about the Ethiopia program.  The program director said that her best guess at this point is that people who start the process now could be travelling to get their child by November.  NOVEMBER.  Wow!  She also said that we need to start the US Immigration paperwork now, rathar then after the home study (which is the way most other programs work), because of the speed of the program.  We saw some videos of the orphanage, cute!  She has adopted 4 kids from Ethiopia herself.  There was also a single mom on the adoptive parent child who has adopted a girl from Ethiopia about a year ago.  It's all very exciting, overwhelming, emotional, exhausting ...   More to come.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I forgot to tell you all about the baby, the TV and Jen.  Last night, over dinner ... I was pondering how to arrange the house (post baby) in my head when it occurred to me that I had decided (and forgot) that we were going to move the tv downstairs after the baby comes.  I callously mentioned the idea to Jen and for a brief moment I was worried that seizures might ensue.  "But we love the tv" she said, tears welling up in her eyes.  I tried to comfort her by mentioning the tv she'd have in her room, and that we'd still have tv downstairs but at first it was no use.  Then she uttered words that I never, never thought I'd hear her utter ... "well, I guess we could get rid of cable ..." this is when I almost lost it ...   will keep you posted

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

baby thoughts

There is no new news to report.  Will have lots to say after I take the adoption class next Thursday and Friday.  The pigeons are still annoyingly present, trying to rebuild their nest.  I have had conversations with the neighbors on both sides of my house, ironically both of them started the conversations and both conversations were about how they plan on staying in their houses and not selling.  Well, that's good news .. but sort of not news at all ...rathar just a check in to say everything is staying the same. Of course, this is the normal spring check in ... where we haven't seen each other for months except for rushing in and out of doors.  I remember the one year when late in the spring Janet (from the alley) all of a sudden had an extra child, an infant.  She actually went to the whole pregancy without me noticing, due to the timing.  It's actually that child's (Mosango), daycare spot that I am covetting for my own child when he/she arrives.   Well both Sharon (neighbor to the north) and Jit (neighbor to the south) seem happy about my adoption news.  Sharon is excited that eventually Kyla (her granddaughter) will have someone to play with .... I am excited that my secret plans to send the baby to sharon's yard to play on the swingset will acutally be welcomed.  It's a park right next door!  Now if only Sharon will let me borrow her hottub when she's not home ... hmmmmm where there's a will ...  more later

Monday, May 2, 2005

baby names

Hey everyone ...  Thanks for reading the blog and for your continued support.  I am just getting more and more excited.  I have come up with a list of my favorite names for girls and boys.  I welcome your input on these names ie. whether you like them or not.   In parenthesis are the simple meanings for the names.   Girls:  Lucy (light), Ruby (gem), Eileen (light), Helen (light).   Boys:  Simon (it is heard), Franklin (free man), Leonard (lion like), Bryant (strong, honorable), Jonah, Oliver. 

Think spring!

Friday, April 29, 2005


Coffee originated in Ethiopia!  It is referred to as buna.  Buna, an important word.  Buna ... my first "Ethiopian" word (not sure exactly what language).  According to my travel book, there are some nice coffee rituals in Ethiopia ... where the green beans are roasted right before they are ground and brewed ... yummy!   Other interesting Ethiopian facts and tidbits:  The flag has three horizontal stripes, green at the top, then yellow, and finally red.  The green symbolizes the fertility of the country, yellow the religious freedom and red the lives sacrificed to protect the nation. 


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Getting going

Just a quick update.  I e-mail the application coordinator at Children's Home ... asking about the status of my application and then inquiring about what class I might get into.  She responded quickly (within 2 minutes!), saying that she was sending out the invitations for the May class today (weird huh?), and that I will be in the May class!  This is good news because it's after this weekend that I get assigned my social worker and start my home study ... things are going to start moving towards the end of May. 


Sunday, April 17, 2005

A pigeon/baby connection

Well ... I've finally found a way to make the two subjects of this blog connect .... pigeons and adoption.  Today we got rid of pigeon messes and picked up a crib.  Kind of weird to have a crib even though I haven't even gotten through my home study yet, but it was an opportunity to have a free crib, and I took it!  I figure, if something doesn't work out with the adoption, having a crib won't make me any more disappointed then if I didn't have a crib.  Now on to the pigeons ... little cuz' Tyler hopped up on the roof and scraped/sprayed those pigeon nests down ... we scrubbed down the steps and as of 8:30 tonight, there was no signs of pigeon activity.  I am not convinced that this is going to "stick" and will be keeping my eyes out for signs of their return.  I am still waiting to hear from Children's Home Society as to the date of my PAC class weekend, which will either be the 3rd weekend in May or the 3rd weekend in July.  After this class weekend, adoption updates will be coming faster ...Happy spring  Stacy

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Well, I came home after spending four days away, and the pigeons are now trying to create a twig nursery on my front steps ... yes, I came home to a nest building factory.  The advice: spray WD-40 on their area ... I swept away the nesting material, got out the old ladder, wobbled my way up the ladder, sprayed the one nesting area, wobbled my way down.  Next day:  the twigs had been re-dragged up to the WD-40 area ... the pigeons are taking over ... the pigeons are taking over  ...

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Break is over

Well, my spring break has come and gone.  I actually got less sleep then when I am working!  I was catching up on e-mail and decided to go looking on the Children's Home Society website.  I found an Ethiopia forum, people asking and answering questions about the adoption process etc.  It made me so excited.  I found out that the process is still moving FAST.  If I can get past the income fear (the fear that I don't make enough money to qualify), I think that this adoption will happen really fast. It seems like people are getting referrals about 2 months (or less),after they finish their dossier and the baby is ready to travel within 2 months after that. So what does that mean in terms of timing for me??? Well, I am guessing I'll take this class in mid May or Mid July ... my homestudy and dossier should be finished within two months after that class so If I take the class in May, I could travel in November or December ... and if I take the class in July I could travel in Feb or March ... Of course this is all just educated guessing. Also the people answering the forum questions are reporting that their babies are very healthy and well adjusted.  The health problems they've encountered are mild and treatable.  Whew ... I am glad I read that forum, now the trick is to not get obsessive about checking the forum. 


Saturday, April 2, 2005

Spring break!!

Lots of good things about today ... 1. got together with Sara who just returned from 2+ years in Thailand, Peace Corps.  She's here to stay now. We had an afternoon of catching up/story telling .  It's nice to have my friend back.  2. It was the first day of spring break. 3. Becky sent a copy of the reference letter she wrote about me for the adoption ... she made me sound pretty cool.  Always nice to read nice things about oneself.  This is making me SO ready to get on with the next step of this adoption process.  I just can't wait for this to happen and it's causing a lot of anxiety to be at the mercy of others during this stage of the process.

PIGEON UPDATE (i was just reminded of them, as I hear their evil warbles outside my window) ... My dad read that you can deter the pigeons by spraying their roosting area with WD-40 ... ok, it's not the violent pigeon genocide that I feel like, but it sounds like a viable alternative.  I will attempt this on Sunday and will keep you all posted.  

Speaking of violence.  I saw my first Lacrosse game on Friday night ... it was SO COOL.  I will NOT be taking my baby to a Lacrosse game .. baseball yes ... Lacrosse no.  I did discover that I get into the smacking and fighting that seems to come with the game of Lacrosse.  It's sometimes disturbing to learn new things about yourself.   I did temper the violence of Lacrosse with stopping to hear Phil Heywood play some good and peaceful guitar music at a coffee house later Friday night ... by bedtime I felt very balanced.


Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Crazy pigeon lady

OK, I realize that pigeons have little to do with adoption but I am going to need to spend a moment focusing on these birds of mass destruction. I always knew that I didn't care much for pigeons aka "rats with wings" but I didn't know how much anger I could have towards them .... until now.  I really hate pigeons, I really really do.  I am becoming the crazy pigeon lady ... stepping out into my front yard, shaking my fist and screaming "damn you pigeons, damn you to hell!"  I really hate them.  It's to the point where installing anti-pigeon wire (which i haven't done yet) sounds too peaceful ... I really want to shoot them ...  Yup, I hate pigeons, I hate their poop and I hate the warbly sound they make up on my roof, in my chimney, and just about town.  They must go.


Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Sunday

For some reason I've been feeling anxious lately.  I think it's because I am in the first "wait for it" portion of my adoption process. Nothing for me to do now but wait for the background checks etc. to clear and find out when my next step will start.  It's kind of annoying.   There is an unsettled feeling to my life right now. People keep wondering why I am going for an Ethiopian adoption when I am so into the Latino culture/language etc.  I think hmmmm .... well, my first thought was Guatemala but circumstances seem to be leading me toward Ethiopia and I am all about going down that path right now.  Besides, I am a white girl who enjoys traveling in Latin America, speaking Spanish, and eating Asian food.  I am hoping and praying that my Ethiopian baby will learn to love and lift up his/her cultural heritage, but will also love Asian food and Latino music.  My life will not be confined to Ethiopian culture just because I adopt an Ethiopian baby ... just as my life right now as a white girl with a Scandinavian ethnic background is not limited to lefse and lutefisk.  I do look forward to the process of learning about the baby's culture but even more so I look forward to sharing my life with a baby/child and building a family.    

Let the learning begin .....

hasta la vista

Sunday, March 20, 2005

middle of the night

Here I am ... it's the middle of the night and I have been suffering from fever/aches/pains since Saturday night. I am a little whiney right now, but there is noone to whine to except maybe the dog ... and apparently to all the blog readers. I got an e-mail from Mary C. recently with an offer to be an auntie ... Mary, I couldn't think of a better aunt!  Lucky me that I have such supportive and good friends.  As an only child, and without a husband .... my baby could have been aunt and uncle deprived.  No fears! This will be one huge family. Thanks Mary, this was good middle of the night news.

Quiet Sunday

It's Sunday and spring is supposed to be here soon.  It feels like it will never come!  I have had my first experience at how long the adoption process might take and how impatient I am going to become.  I received a letter from Children's home acknowledging the receipt of my application, and listing possible dates of the preadoptive classes.  If all goes well (which I don't anticipate) I may be able to take these classes in May.  If there is a delay in getting my background checks, I will probably have to wait until July to take the classes (as the June class falls on my friends wedding weekend).  JULY seems so far away.  It's not until after I take the classes that I am assigned a social worker who does the home study and leads me through the process of completing the dossier.  YIKES.  Well, today I was thinking about how to deal with the possibility that a lot of the children in the Ethiopia program are orphaned by the death of their mothers.  In an ideal world, the child I adopt would someday be able to find his/her birth mother and make that important connection. This is all speculation right now.  I was just thinking about it.  Thanks to all of you who are taking the time to read my updates. 

Friday, March 18, 2005


Well, I turned in my paperwork a day early!  Felt good to have that step accomplished and out of my hands. Yesterday was an adoption themed day. First I turned in my paper work and then I visited with Nathan Dong Ho, who just arrived from Korea on Wednesday. Nathan is 7 months old and seems torn between wanting to be a cuddly boy and an active boy.  Cute baby ... tired family!  His brother Isaac (who's two year arrival day is Saturday), seems to be taking this new intruder fairly well.

Now my job is to wait to hear from the application coordinator at Children's home. She will enroll me in a weekend long pre-adoptive class (i think that is what P.A.C. stands for).  After my class I get assigned a social worker (of my very own) who will come out to do a home study.

My other job is to learn about Ethiopia.  The history book I bought is slightly over my head.  A friend suggested I get a more consise overview and get that in my head before I read the more intricate version. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Crime Lab

Well today was fingerprinting day ...  I learned a couple of things:  1. The city hall building downtown Mpls is beautiful (i had never made it out of the basement before).  2. Brian Coyle was the first openly gay Mpls City Council member, and he died of aids ...  (I just thought he was the builder of a community center).  Funny what you learn when you read plaques. 3.being surrounded by marble and stained glass makes me speak in hushed tonesand 4. the crime lab doesn't seem that exciting.

When asked for hair color, Jen and I decided that the best answer is to put the color the hair looks like on that day (rathar then the color it may be naturally). 

Oh, it's so much more fun to write about this then to start thinking about the group I am about to lead. 

more later .... Stacy


Monday, March 14, 2005

blogging newby

Here we go, my first "blog".  I am new and a feeling obligated to try to be witty.  Witty I am not (not when forced anyways).  I started this blog as a journal of my journey to motherhood.  This IS in fact a real journey, that God willing will soon bring me to Ethiopia to pick up the love of my life.  This Friday is my birthday and to celebrate I plan on dropping off my completed application packette, in person, at Children's Home Society in St. Paul.