Monday, January 30, 2006

return to work

Well, it's our last week of leave...  I am looking forward to just getting on with it, and getting into a routine instead of just dreading it.  Lucy is cooperating by sleeping well most nights.  Lucy is starting to roll all over the place now ... she's not really crawling at all but is starting to enjoy the ability to get from one place to another by rolling.  She is very good at manipulating the walker as well ... Sassy is not appreciating this new skill.  Lucy loves taking showers with mommy, she giggles when the water hits her and is always leaning toward the water for more, she doesn't seem to mind the water getting all over her face.   I am attaching another new photo ...  she's so dang cute!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

new photo

kitty cat

Call me crazy, but I am convinced that Lucy says "kitty cat" whenever she sees one of the cats.  I know it's true.  Lucy is 8 months old now.  I know that  I have been neglectful of the blog but I have been busy playing with her.  Now that I've shared the blog address with the ethiopia adopt group, I thought I had better update at least once!  Next week is my last week of maternity leave.  OH life is going to change when I go back to work.  I am sure Lucy will do great with auntie barb and grandma ... it's me I am worried about!   Well, Lucy is still a great joy.  She's just so much fun, happy, content, funny and cuddly!  She gives such intense, moist kisses.  She can also hug.  Lucy has a new "dolphin" laugh, so funny.   We've been getting together with the Ethiopian Kids Community group pretty much every month since we've returned home, I think this group will become more and more important to her as she grows up, it's already important to me.   Well ... I am going to try to add a photo and then sign off.