Sunday, April 23, 2006

more photos

Well we sure are enjoying spring!  We spent a lot of this weekend outdoors.  On Saturday we went to an Ethiopian Kids Community event in Edina.  It was so fun connecting with lots of families!  Some of the families were recently home with their children, the last time I saw them they just had referrals. Several families with referral photos in hand were also at the event.  We ended the wonderful day eating yummy Ethiopian food with some friends from Bemidji who made the journey to the cities for the Ethiopian kids event.  Lots of great things happened this weekend besides the Ethiopian kids event, Lucy got her swingset, we got new siding on the garage, the yard is looking great.  We reconnected with a lot of neighbors, had a nice neighborhood walk.  Lucy is doing great.  She is starting to show signs of toddlerhood.  She LOVES being outside, rolling off her blanket to touch the grass.  I think Lucy thinks she is so super cool in her new wagon. She sits up so straight and holds onto the sides.  She can see all around her and I can tell that she is busy taking in all of the sights and sounds on every walk. 

new photos

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Lucy is an outdoors type of girl.  I think she is having a blast with all of the new sights and sounds of spring.  I know I am loving it.  In the next few weeks, Lucy's yard will have evolved from just a regular city yard to a child's wonderland thanks to grandma and grandpa.  She will have a city park right outside her back door!  Lucy is on the verge of crawling, and is gaining momentum every day.  She is still very happy and social.  She makes eye contact with someone and gets giddy, especially if that someone is a child.  Yesterday we went out for Ethiopian food and she ate SO MUCH!  She loves it.  We also returned to the Ethiopian food market where our favorite clerk works.  He showed us part of a music video which shows how Ethiopians celebrate easter, which on the Ethiopian calendar is next week.  We bought some food, so that one day soon I can attempt to cook my own wat ... what is wat you ask?  Wat is stew. 

hope to have photos to add soon


Sunday, April 9, 2006

vacation end

Well,  it's the end of spring break.  OH how sad, I return to work and Lucy returns to her other caretakers. I think Lucy has the good end of the deal!  Well, we had a wonderful spring break.  I was able to use Monday to get stuff done, like bring her shoes to Gillette's, get grocerys, buy some jammies and go to the zoo.  We also had this wonderful experience at an Ethiopian food market, which ultimately took us to Fasika restaurant, where Lucy was passed around by the staff while we waited for them to cook and pack up delicious Ethiopian food for our journey north.  Tuesday morning we took off for Bemidji to visit friends of ours who have also adopted from Ethiopia.  After a wonderful couple of days in Bemidji, and a great visit we returned.  We enjoyed the rest of the week and weekend, having a nice balance between being busy and being mellow.  It was super great.  Lucy also turned 11 months old ... oh the time is going so fast.

Thursday, April 6, 2006

funny smile

a photo of Lucy's new goofball smile ...