Monday, July 25, 2005


Hi everyone ... I think this is going to be a fairly quiet couple of months on the adoption front.  I basically have only waiting to do.  I am currently waiting for my US-CIS approval letter to arrive, but it probably won't come until September.  After that I will be waiting for an Ethiopian court date (not likely until October) ... and then will wait to travel (not likely until November).  Just a whole lot of waiting.  Meanwhile, I have been making a scrapbook for Lucy.  I am writing fairly short notes about the process of adopting her ... it's been a lot of fun, but that book is also almost up to date.  I am also knitting a blanket for her, I think that will take until the time I leave which is a good thing.  Each weekend I am trying to do one house project in preparation ... and by the end of this coming weekend July will be over.  Waiting is hard! 

Monday, July 18, 2005

Lucy Anderson

Today I officially turned in the referral acceptance letter (I have no idea what the actual term for this is). I had to write the child's new name on the form.  I wrote Lucille Eskedar Anderson.  I have a little Lucy.  I might be able to get health and photo updates as I wait to travel in November.  I hope so!  One of my coworkers has a baby girl who was born the day after Lucy, so I will have a practice baby as I wait.    -Stacy

Thursday, July 14, 2005



Yup, if I repeat a few things here you can blame that on lack of concentration!  I have been, well, a spaz these past few days!  Whew, It's hard to focus.  I keep looking at Eskedar and thinking, Wow, that's my baby!  Weird, she's so far away ... and months to go before I get to hold her.   Jen pointed out yet another positive about adoption ... I can drink at my baby shower!  I have to say that between Jen, Mel and me, the baby already has several very cute outfits.  Mel bought the one that says "I love Mommy!" ... I like that one a lot!   Well, baby Eskedar (Lucy or Esther), was born on May 7th.  At the end of June she weighed 8 1/2 pounds.  She's totally adorable ... super cute!  If you want to see a photo you can send me a personal e-mail.  Thanks to all who have been interested, involved and supportive your phone calls, questions and participation are very welcomed and appreciated. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

baby girl Anderson

Well ... it's semi-official (haven't signed the papers yet, but my head and heart have signed on) ... I have a daughter!  Her name right now is Eskedar ... her name will either be Lucille (Lucy) Eskedar,  or Esther Eskedar ... I have until Monday to decide. I took my paper baby to the pediatrician today, and she said the baby looks great and that the toe deformity is just what it is ... that she should be able to walk fine. She said she's really cute (and it's true she is).  I can't believe how exciting this is!  More to come when I catch my breath. 


Monday, July 11, 2005

Hard Choices

Hi Everyone ... here's a quck update.  I am not going into significant details for a couple reasons 1. I don't have a lot of details and 2. this isn't all public info ... anyone who has specific questions can call me!   I received a child referral on Friday. The child has a medical need, a deformed foot.  I am not sure what this means in terms of prognosis, treatment or if anything else may be affected other then the obvious foot.  It is a beautiful 2month old girl!  I would travel in November, putting her at 6months old when I would get her.  Before I can get overly excited, however ... I must have the doctors here review the information and give me thier best advise, given the limited information.  I can handle special needs emotionally, but it's the financial obligations that I may not be able to handle if the condition extends beyond the foot.  Thank you all for prayers for this little girl, and for me to make the best decision possible. 

Thursday, July 7, 2005


Hi everyone,

Well, the paper work is done!  I finished signing and copying about 1/2 hour ago.  I have one more check to write out and then tomorrow morning I will drop every thing off at Children's home Society.   I am still waiting for approval from US-CIS (immigration), which I will get but since Westchester County NY is not responding to background requests things are taking a bit longer.  This shouldn't be a big issue.  I still can turn in my dossier to the agency, and will still get a referral. I just can't travel to Ethiopia until the US-CIS approval comes in.  I am still looking at October-November as a travel time but hopefully in the next month or so I should get a child referral.  


Friday, July 1, 2005

long weekend

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of a nice long holiday weekend!  I know I am.  I started by sleeping in late ... and then with the help of Mel ... kicked butt on getting some stuff done for my dossier.  I got the passport photos taken, the bank letter written and notarized and I have an official place to go to get my clearance letter from the Mpls police dept.  Tuesday I will do that.  After a long and highly stressful work week ... I was happy as a clam to get these things finished.  Soon I will be able to turn this paper work into CHSFS to have them certify stuff and do whatever they do to get it all finalized and compiled ... and of course I will continue to wait for my referral.  Oh yeah, I also received a bill for the home study ... ouch.  It's like having a baby with no medical insurance ... totally worth it though!!!

more later,