Sunday, December 31, 2006

Some new (and old) photos.  Monkey, Lioness and princess.

Poop and Pee --- tee hee hee

Well .. I feel a little odd blogging about poop and pee ... but I must tell the world... Lucy did it!  She pooped and peed in her potty chair.  I really have no investment in her potty training so early (which is why she was probably more then willing to give it a go), but today I asked her if she wanted to sit on her potty and she nodded yes ... she sat for awhile and I asked if she wanted to get up, she shook her head no,  then she did it, she pee'd, and then a minute later she pooped and then she was done!  Not even 20 months old, what a superstar.  Now if I could just get her to hold my hand while walking outside or in the mall ... 

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Santa the final chapter, and finalization

So... I made the mistake of signing up Lucy and myself as Santa's helpers at the Christmas party my agency puts on for our clients.  Lucy is terrified of Santa.  Santa needed helpers, the other staff had roles and responsibilities.  We had to bring gifts to children sitting on Santa's lap.  We had almost 4 hours this ... the whole time I was unable to put Lucy down because she was scared.  Each time we approached Santa to give a gift, she clung tighter.  It was the  most I have held her since she discovered crawling and movement.  This is not a good study for immersion therapy ... doesn't work.  

We finally finalized the adoption this Friday!!!!!!!!!!  She's officially mine now and forever.  What a wonderful day. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Santa part 4 .... stop the insanity

Ok ... This is getting super silly.  I tried implementing Santa plan of action number 4.  All was going according to plan ... Lucy fell asleep in the car on the way to Ridgedale Mall.  She slept through getting out of her carseat and into my arms.  She slept through walking through the mall to "Santa's Cabin".  The line looked short and my hopes were up.  We walked up the "no pager" line.  The old elves at the register looked at us and asked if our pager had buzzed... I said, no, we don't have a pager, do we need one???  They said, they are only able to help people who had already received pagers as Santa leaves at 9pm and it's already 8:30 pm ... and since it's just one small child, the morning would be a better time.  I said, "I work all day" ... she just shrugged.  I was really upset, like almost in tears upset.  I walked away a bit, and then returned to ask if we could make an appointment for the next day ... she said you have to be there in person to get a pager ... I asked "So about what time did the people who just got "buzzed" arrive to get their pagers?"  She said "about 3pm"  (remember, it was 8:30 pm at this point).   So basically, if I quit my job, or take a vacation day, and wait 5 hours maybe Lucy can see Santa this year.  Arrrrgggghhh it is so unfair. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

some photos

Trying to get the perfect Christmas dress photo has proven to be challenging this year ... 

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Santa part 3 and a plan of action

My blog earlier today inspired me to try try try again.  After Lucy's nap I said to my cousin,  "let's go to the mall and see Santa",  she said something about being crazy, but she came along.  I got Lucy all dressed up in her Santa viewing outfit and off we went.  The mall parking lot was a real mess but we found a spot and headed in ...  Straight to Santa's line.  It was a medium-long line but we were determined.  We waited for lots of minutes, wondering why they were taking so so so long with this one family.  First I thought, "how nice, to work with kids so that they are comfy with Santa before snapping the photo"  then I started thinking "holy cow, if they take that long with each family, we'll miss Christmas all together".  THEN I realized that there were mechanical problems with the photographers lights, and that they weren't going to be fixed any time soon.  We decided to go for an early dinner then back to Santa.  We ate dinner, Lucy had about 55 meltdowns on the walk from dinner back to Santa.  Real live on the floor tantrums.   We spotted Santa, and a very short line.  My hopes were lifted.  We went to the line entrance, where the stupid Elf was placing a sign saying Santa was going on break and would be back in an hour.  AN HOUR.  Well darn.  We left.  I was feeling very down about the Santa thing ... then I had an idea.  Hope is restored.  This coming week,  I am going to get Lucy in her cute fluffy, warm Jammies ... head over to the mall where Santa works late and hope that Lucy falls hard asleep.  We will then have a peaceful wait in line, and I will take advantage of her ability to sleep anywhere and transfer numerous times without waking ... in my head I see a cute photo of Lucy sleeping in Santa's arms.... I also see Lucy freaking out if she wakes up ... Here's to hoping we have peaceful slumbers.   I'll let you know. 


Sorry it's been so long since I've offered written word on this here blog ... we have been so very busy.  First we had a traumatizing experience with Santa Claus.  The whole thing started off as a little annoying because the "Elves" were really obnoxious, and obviously were not in the Christmas spirt.  They rushed everyone, were chomping on gum, and very unprofessional.  I was trying not to get all grumpy and scrooge like because of the evil elves ...  We approached Santa to talk to him and high 5 him while the family ahead of us were being rushed through choosing their photo and their package (which by the way, some random elf already attacked everyone in line asking what package they wanted).  Lucy was fine giving santa 5 and he seemed ok, although I could have sworn while we were standing there I heard Santa refer to me as grandma ... I blew that off as something I heard wrong.  When the lead elf told us it was our turn I put Lucy on Santa's lap and she immediately started crying.  This surprised me as she's been the brave one about every other new adventure in her life up until now ... so I was comforting her and santa says "grandma, you can get in the picture with her if it will help" ... In complete shock I sat by santa, had the photo taken and somehow came up with the complete WRONG photo package, despite the fact that the crazy random elf had written it down on our magic envelope before the trauma happened.  GRANDMA?????  Really, I could have kicked Santa, but again I was in a lot of shock and Lucy was still a little upset.    Last night I got the nerve up to return to a different Santa to try for the good photo ... it was at the Mall of America.  We arrived before 4pm on a work day, and to my dismay, the nice elf said "two hour wait" ... Ahhh, I looked at my darling daughter and said "bye bye Christmas".  We went shopping.

Lucy is great.  She is talking up a storm, and just a riot of energy and humor.  She's still 100% adorable.  She has her naughty streaks as well, but she sort of announces that this side of her is about to show ...  She is growing and growing.   She knows that she is adored byt the world. 

Thursday, December 7, 2006

no time to write

Here are some pictures, I have stuff to say but no time to write ...